Update in Relation to BP Kwinana Refinery

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    Perth Basin oil producer Triangle Energy (Global) Limited (Triangle / the Company) (ASX: TEG) refers
    to its announcements on 3 November 2020 and 20 November 2020 respectively, in response to BP’s
    intended conversion of the Kwinana oil refinery to a fuel import terminal.
    The Company has received formal notice of termination from BP under the Crude Oil Supply Agreement
    with the termination effective date being 16 February 2021.
    The Cliff Head Oil Field will continue to produce and deliver its product to the BP refinery in Kwinana until
    this time and the Company is continuing discussions with crude oil marketing firms regarding offtake
    alternatives available to Triangle.
    The Company will continue to keep shareholders updated in line with its continuous disclosure obligations.
    Approved for release by: The Board of Directors

    courtesy of Bell Direct



    i hold TEG

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