1. 2

    Investors willl chase TLS up to the EX date pushing it higher for the dividend. Beware of the after divi date decline

  2. 8

    TLS ex-div date is still one month away (26/09). I think today's bounce is merely a technical rebound and will be short lived. The market depth indicates that retail investors are accumulating for yield while fund managers are dumping it like trash. I suspect TLS will continue under selling pressure for another 2 weeks so I see TLS may retest its $4.66 support level.

  3. 1.4k

    TLS is going EX everything, whilst it remains a political play thing, Just throw a few billion at the farmers in whoop whoop, to buy a few votes good buisness!!!!, let TLS bleed for a while, products so overpriced, new CEO import strangled and hamstrung on first day on the job.

    !!!!!T3 sell off your dreaming!!! better value elsewhere.

  4. 7

    At about 4.64 -4.70, they are a buy on yield alone. With a 6c special divvy now & another coming in March. One for the income savvy. Bottom line is they still make money, alot of it. Share price wont go through the roof, but one to have in your portfolio.

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