Minister rules out selling NBN to Telstra

  1. 82.0k

    ( DYOR )

    i hold TLS


    does the TLS board need to be removed ???

    TLS already has massive debt and to buy a stinking skunk like the NBN

    just defies normal logic ( even at a token $1 )

  2. 82.0k

    Govt now says 'premature' to cut Telstra from future NBN sale

    and i think it would be madness for TLS to buy defectiveCo

  3. 82.0k
  4. 82.0k
  5. 82.0k

    ACMA finds worst NBN modems 'barely break' 50Mbps wi-fi speeds

    no point in testing the home one the NBN never breaks 50Mbps no matter what plan they promise
    normally struggles to touch 25Mbps at any time

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