Telstra demonstrates 5G commitment - investing $386M to secure 30- 80 MHz nationwide in 5G spectrum auction

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    10 December 2018: Telstra has successfully secured between 30-80 MHz nationwide in the 3.6
    GHz spectrum auction held by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, investing
    $386M to support its national 5G rollout.
    Combined with existing holdings, Telstra now has 60 MHz of contiguous 5G spectrum in all
    major capital cities and between 50-80 MHz of contiguous 5G spectrum in all regional areas.
    Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said securing the spectrum meant Telstra would continue to play the
    leading role in bringing 5G capabilities and super-fast connections to Australians in both cities
    and regional areas.
    “This is an extremely significant moment for Telstra and as we set out last week at our Investor
    Day, 5G will bring enormous opportunities for growth. This is also a significant investment in the
    nation’s future connectivity, including large holding of regional spectrum, demonstrating our
    continued commitment to bring the latest technology to Australians in regional areas,” Mr Penn
    “Telstra is leading the way in working with suppliers and international standard bodies to
    develop the 5G ecosystem. This will enable us to provide the data, connectivity, low latency
    and speed necessary to enable new products and services that will radically alter the way we do
    business, consume content and connect with each other.
    “We are very pleased with the outcome of the auction, both in terms of the spectrum we have
    secured and the overall way the auction was conducted,” Mr Penn said.
    Telstra has already achieved a number of significant milestones in preparation for 5G. In
    February it launched Telstra’s 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast, which has since been
    home to several world and Australian firsts.
    Last week, Telstra completed Australia’s first 5G video call and made the world’s first
    connection of a 5G mid-band commercial device – the HTC 5G Hub mobile smart device. This
    device is expected to be one of the first commercial 5G devices available to Telstra customers
    in 2019 and the connection of the device brings Telstra a significant step closer to putting 5G
    devices in the hands of Australians.
    “Prior to this auction, we had already switched on 130 5G-enabled sites across Australia and
    plan to have a total of 200 sites by the end of 2018,” Mr Penn said.
    “Over the coming months we will continue expanding our 5G coverage with plans to roll out to
    more capital cities, regional centres and other high demand areas.”
    “Our aim, just as we were with 3G and 4G, is to be Australia’s leading 5G provider, through the
    culmination of an $8 billion investment over the five years to 30 June 2019 to enhance the
    capacity, capability and reach of Telstra’s mobile network,” Mr Penn said.

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    i hold TLS

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    Wireless radiation.
    And don't have smart meters if you can avoid it.

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    but , but the regulators care for the citizens

    it will all be safe ( for 30 to 40 years ... just like asbestos and lead point , etc etc )

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