Telstra nbn receipts monetisation proposal

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    Telstra announced a proposal to the market on 17 August to monetise a portion of its locked-in recurring nbn receipts.
    This proposal was subject to agreement and a number of steps including approvals and consents
    from investors, the Commonwealth Government and nbn co.
    While the proposal is well progressed and supported by equity and debt investors, Telstra has been advised this morning that technical consents from nbnco will not be forthcoming.
    nbn co stated: “Essentially we can’t see how nbn’s position can be protected/improved by Telstra’s
    securitisation plan especially given the unpredictability of our operating environment in the 2020s.”
    The proposed transaction highlighted the significant value in Telstra’s core underlying telecommunications infrastructure as represented by the potential nbn monetisation opportunity. The process has shown the value of these payments to Telstra shareholders.
    Telstra also confirmed that its shares trade ex-dividend today.

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i hold TLS

    and have a low ( add extra ) buy order in today

    take care

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    And how far lower can it go and where is the bottom

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    i don't have any idea

    but DO nibble down on a dip ( or plummet )

    take care

    what is the div. payout without 'special divs' that is the question ( 22c a year was WITH 'special divs ' )

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    also any buy-backs might be put on the back burner ., as well

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