Telstra results disclosure

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    Telstra notes that a draft copy of the CEO’s speech for 1H20 results may have lost confidentiality. This
    is the result of an administrative error. We are not aware that the speech has been made public at this
    stage but we are making this disclosure out of an abundance of caution.
    Telstra will be releasing its results for 1H20 on Thursday, 13 February 2020. The results and
    associated briefing materials, including the approved CEO speech, will be lodged with the ASX prior to
    the opening of trading.

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i hold TLS (but was looking for a graceful exit )

    i notice no mention of an investigation

    ( a quick look at recent TLS trading hints at some speculation )

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    Never know sal the results could be good and this little whoopsies will draw more in for a look in the morning.

    Will be riding the lightning myself tomorrow with AMP

    Gonna be an interesting day

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    check out TLS yesterday ( it bounced so hard i thought i might get my exit )

    but today it went DOWN against the market trend

    tonight we get this disclosure it shouldn't be ME asking the hard questions ( but those folk who should be , are too busy picking on ISX )

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    Telstra delivers 1H FY20 results in line with expectations,
    with strong progress against T22 strategy
    • Total Income1
    , EBITDA and NPAT in line with expectations
    • Strong progress against T22 strategy and cost reduction
    • Continued customer growth thanks to multi-brand strategy and 5G leadership
    • Interim dividend of 8 cents per share for 1H20 and FY20 guidance reconfirmed
    Thursday 13 February – Telstra today released its half year results for financial year 2020, in
    line with guidance and market expectations.
    On a reported basis Total Income1 for the first half decreased 2.8 per cent to $13.4 billion and
    NPAT decreased 6.4 per cent to $1.2 billion. Reported EBITDA for the first half was $4.8 billion.
    Telstra’s underlying EBITDA2 decreased 6.6 per cent to $3.9 billion. Underlying EBITDA
    excluding the in-year nbn headwind3 grew by approximately $90 million, the first time this figure
    has grown since FY16.
    Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said the results showed that the T22 strategy was building value and
    delivering positive financial momentum.
    “This year we will reach the half-way point of our T22 strategy and we have built good
    momentum in delivering for our customers, our employees and our shareholders,” said Mr
    “We know that there is more work to do and we still face challenges within our business and
    across the telecommunications sector. However, our T22 strategy gives us a detailed
    understanding of what we need to achieve and how we will get there.
    “Our resolve is to focus on the things that are within our control and it’s particularly pleasing to
    see a continued strong performance on reducing our costs and delivering new and simplified
    products and services to our customers.”
    Progress on T22, combined with ongoing efforts to simplify the business, helped reduce
    underlying fixed costs by $422 million, or 12.1 per cent. This brought the total underlying fixed
    cost reductions to around $1.6 billion since FY16.
    Mr Penn acknowledged the impact the recent bushfires and ongoing drought were having on
    customers and on the business.
    “We know how hard the past few months have been for many of our customers and
    communities across Australia, and we continue to focus our resources on reconnecting
    communities and helping them recover.
    “I’ve visited fire-affected communities to see the scale of this destruction and consider the best
    ways for Telstra to help. So far, we’ve provided disaster assistance packages to more than
    1 Excluding finance income 2 Underlying EBITDA excludes net one-off nbn DA receipts less nbn net C2C, and guidance adjustments including one-off
    restructuring costs, but includes depreciation of mobile lease right-of-use assets. 3 Refer to Footnote 8. As at 31 December 2019, the in-year nbn headwind was ~$360 million.
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    34,000 customers, we’re taking care of the mobile bills for more than 8,200 volunteers, and our
    payphone and Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots have been used by nearly 800,000 people around the
    country,” said Mr Penn.
    Telstra said it incurred one-off costs related to the bushfires of around $10 million during the first
    half of FY20 which included assistance to customers, refunds and donations. It also anticipated
    the total impact of the bushfires on Telstra to be in the order of $50 million.
    Strong progress on T22 strategy
    During the first half of FY20, Telstra continued to make strong progress delivering its T22
    strategy, now in its second year of implementation.
    “We are approaching the halfway point of our T22 strategy and we are really pleased to see our
    customers responding positively to the changes we’re making,” said Mr Penn.
    “We have 2.4 million services on our new, radically simplified plans. We’ve delivered more than
    1.7 million Smart Modems to homes around the country and more than 1.2 million customers
    are now able to enjoy the benefits of being a Telstra Plus member.
    “As our new products and services are improving the customer experience, we continue to see
    more customers choosing to interact with us online. Digital service interactions have risen to 57
    per cent, 26 per cent of our Consumer and Small Business sales transactions are now digital,
    and the volume of calls to our call centres continues to fall.
    “We have also made strong progress rationalising the number of products offered to Enterprise
    customers and we are on track for a 50 per cent reduction by FY21.
    “These tangible examples of our progress have helped deliver an Episode Net Promoter Score
    increase of six points compared to the same period last year. We’ve also seen our Employee
    Engagement Score rise five points as we simplify our ways of working and empower our
    Continued customer growth and 5G expansion
    Telstra’s multi-brand strategy continued to deliver growth in customer numbers, particularly in
    mobile. During the half the business added 137,000 retail postpaid mobile services, including
    91,000 from Belong, 135,000 retail prepaid mobile services, and 173,000 pre and postpaid and
    IoT Wholesale services.
    More customers than ever are also enjoying access to Telstra’s world-leading 5G mobile
    network and a growing range of 5G-enabled devices.
    “Telstra’s ongoing research and investment continues to make Australia a global leader in 5G,”
    said Mr Penn.
    “We are continuing with our rollout and now have 5G coverage in selected areas in 32 cities and
    regional areas, on track for our target of 35 by the end of FY20.
    “As the 5G ecosystem develops, we are seeing more devices becoming available to our
    customers. This includes Samsung’s Galaxy A90 5G, launched in November 2019, as the first
    mid-range device on the market. One quarter of all our Android phone sales since July 2019
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    have been 5G devices. In total, we have sold more than 100,000 5G-enabled mobile devices
    and we look forward to that number continuing to grow.”
    Shareholder returns and FY20 guidance
    The Telstra Board resolved to pay a fully-franked interim dividend of 8 cents per share,
    comprising an interim ordinary dividend of 5 cents per share and an interim special dividend of 3
    cents per share.
    Telstra reconfirmed guidance for FY204
    , with Total Income5 in the range of $25.3 to $27.3
    billion, underlying EBITDA6 in the range of $7.4 to $7.9 billion, restructuring costs of around
    $300 million, capital expenditure of $2.9 to $3.3 billion, and free cash flow after operating lease
    payments7 of $3.3 to $3.8 billion.
    After excluding the expected in-year nbn headwind8
    , which Telstra continues to expect to be in
    the range of ~$600 million to ~$800 million, underlying EBITDA is expected to grow up to $500
    million in FY20.
    Full details of the Half Year results, including copies of the presentations given by the CEO and
    CFO, are available on the Telstra Investor website

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i hold TLS ( but looking for a profitable exit )

    am still deciding on whether to cancel my sell order or nudge it higher

  5. 160

    Double yawn, neither off them is setting the world on fire was a good open for Telstra though.

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  6. 82.0k

    not good enough to let me out with a satisfactory profit , might have to harvest the div. THEN look for the exit

    TLS should look like 'a safe haven ; by then


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  7. 160

    At least you get a div, probably time I found out what the difference is between an impairment and a remediation cost lol

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  8. 82.0k

    but how long can they keep the divs going ???

    please remember there is an unofficial dream of floating the FOX./NWS/TLS JV in the future

    am ready to leave if the price is right

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