A safer uranium exploration company to invest in.

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    There has been a bit of fuss over GGY this morning which is understandable. The quick gain from yesterday looked good but everything is a bit TOO speculative for my liking.

    I do enjoy a gamble but would prefer UXA, being the safer bet.

    UXA has been steadily climbing up with the uranium interests but also has been steadily doing its job as a URANIUM EXPLORER! It has had results and breakthroughs, just not huge ones. Everytime it has a good announcement its price rises then settles down off the peak but stays up. It is more consistent.

    Meanwhile even though it is still a new company (2005) it has been steadily increasing it's current assets and value as a research tool for a mining company to use.

    Look at the graph over the last year. Rises in a bullish pennant even without huge volumes traded, look how it just stedily rises. BEAUTIFUL.

    I will be investing in this stock as I like where this one is headed in the long run.

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