1. 128

    I been a bit concerned about this stock, as it doesnt look pretty on my purchase atm, and some concerns i have read floating about, only to read this in proactive that may give the stock some credibility.


  2. 5.8k

    Personally not compaining here.

    Had the conviction to go hard at .5's and 6's...but took the .7's today. Nice pocket money trade.

    Been thinking...they secured a sizeable loan(for current mc),should keep the wolf from the door so to speak.

    1/2 a cent looks like a pretty firm bottom....reckon we see .8's shortly. Gotta make a buck for those that subscribed to the spp.(got em a massive $200k cash)

    Can they make this wireline logging business profitable???

  3. 128

    Read that this is not going anywhere for a while. I wish I had better news.

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