ready, set...........

  1. 976

    really good presentation ann,(check it out) uxa looks good for short, medium and long term investors will be watching with great intrest.

  2. 1.4k

    Any resource junior that can claim to be cashflow positive is definately going in the portfolio bag... Especially when it involves Uranium :D


  3. 5.8k

    I did have a look at this last week and after reading presentation tonight I must say I do like their prospects.

    To buy a cashflow positive logging business that they can utilise themselves to help in the search for uranium on their leases is good business sense.

    After raising

    140m shares on issue

    14.7m market cap

    $7.5m cash

    Very interesting

  4. 1.5k

    I'm in, however it could take quite some time to chomp through profit takers of the 10c raising.

    Once done there's still a nice gap to fill above on the chart.

  5. 1.5k

    Showing signs of green shoots again.

  6. 1.4k

    Announcement just rolling though - 2nd discovery of large mineralized anomaly from airborne survey over crystal creek site.

    Lock and Load :D

  7. 25

    good announcement, but i think the SPP will still give UXA sp pressure.

  8. 1.4k

    Actually I forgot it'll take alittle time for the SPP to digest. At least the announcement shows the potential of whats around the corner :D

    Shall go back to sleep :D


  9. 976

    expecting any ann's regarding results on studies before drilling in october?

  10. 1.5k

    Has surprised me how well the spp stock is getting soaked up.

    I took a few but no where near as many as some.

    After my post yesterday about green shoots, the dump started lol but the buyers swooped in too.

  11. 10

    im hoping on some good results in october to get the share price up. anyone else think this is a good stock?

  12. 1.4k

    Absolutely. Got my sights well and truly set at 20 by end of Oct on initial drilling in Crystal.


  13. 976

    building strength in market depth

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