1. 54

    What's going on? All that activity and price whipsawing and today zilch. Any theories out there? Regardless I'm still bullish!

  2. 2.6k

    im still bullish,but if you watched the manipulation and the capping you have to say somethings up,wont let it go over 4c atm

    i think they are coming to some sort of agreement with a bigger company,ie takeover or partnership

    neil arthur just finished changing over company deal in u.s for another company he was involved in,cant recall the name off hand

    UXA's GAA Wireline have recently signed a two year agreement for Uranium exploration in The United States and has contracts in Australia.

    now he is finished and he did the pdn deal,he may have still more inline from the u.s we havent yet heard about?

    dome5 Intersects 3m zone of visual mineralisation at the Dome 5 - Zinc/Lead/Silver

    lets hope they find high grade silver! with these coming results

  3. 1.3k

    Yes it doesn't want to go, but my thoughts are top up now ;)

    Something is going on behind the sceens here... I smell a good selling rat.

  4. 54

    Hi Mailman and Gunshow, I think you are both right about something going on. Usually this type of calm before the storm is followed by a significant price rise followed by a drop back down again. I believe that CWH Resources,already a significant shareholder is looking for more but is waiting for a sneak preview of th upcoming Dome 5 Assay results!!

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