UXA finds high grade uranium in NT

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    Investors in Uranium Exploration Australia (ASX: UXA) will be mightily chuffed about the discovery of a 3 km zone of uranium mineralisation at Crystal Creek Project, NT.

    Even better - field sampling returned high grade uranium, returning up to 4,120 ppm U3O8. And the discovery was in proximity (30 km east) of the Bigrlyi uranium deposit - with similarities in sedimentary horizon - providing more encouragement for future exploration for UXA.


  2. 709

    chuffed and chuffed been waiting couple of years for this one...3 klms of strike length for u308 is pretty good in any ones language and high grades to boot...not many shares on issue..a winner.Had to put my two bobs worth in been a long wait.....go UXA

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