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    some technical issue will be back trading soon.

  2. 128

    I read that UXA is selling their GAA Wireline. MD in the US in talks. Should cover their debt. And results coming out soon from the drill.

  3. 128

    Still no drill results, still not back on the market..


  4. 54


    With any sort of luck the sale of the wireline subsidiary should get the company out of trouble and if the drill result are half good the stock may recover some lost ground.

    Catcha! :lol:

  5. 128

    They have an extention till 3rd of December to get it all in order.

    Waiting waiting...

  6. 54

    DD, Just hang in there anything can happen, maybe even something worthwhile for Christmas?? Cheers :D

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  7. 128

    Well after extensions made till today, it should be back on the market Monday. There's been lots going on behind the scenes trying to stabilize the ship. Should be ready to rumble I assume.

  8. 54

    Something is afoot? The rights issue wasn't cancelled lightly! I'm hoping that assay tests or some other positive news will arouse some interest, otherwise there could be a problem. Whatever i am upbeat about the stock until it re-lists.

  9. 128

    Well its still on suspension until 23rd of January. All systems go then Im assuming..

  10. 128

    Still on hold, Still trying to sell GAA Wireline.

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