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    UXA Resources Limited (ASX:UXA) wishes to advise th

    at it intends to undertake a:

    placement of 61.9 million shares with free attachi

    ng shares options to raise $92,909

    Placement: a 1 for 1 non-renounceable rights issue with free

    attaching share options to raise $1.3million

    (assuming full subscription)

    The Rights Issue will be undertaken at a price of $

    0.0015 per share and will be offered to all eligibl

    e shareholders as at the Record Date, which will be a

    nnounced with full details to all shareholders

    shortly. Successful applicants will receive one fre

    e Option for each share subscribed under the Rights

    Issue. The Rights Issue will be partially underwri

    tten by Patersons Securities Limited, up to $770,00


    and is expected to raise $1.3million (assuming full

    subscription). Funds raised will be used for

    exploration, working capital and the costs of the R

    ights Issue.

    Options issued under the Placement and Rights Issue

    will have a strike price of $0.002 and an expiry

    date of 2 years from the date of issue of the accom

    panying share.

    UXA released its Annual Report to the market on 11

    February 2013 and at the same time sought the

    lifting of the suspension from trading of UXA share

    s. That request is currently being considered by AS


    One of the primary conditions of the partial underw

    riting by Patersons Securities Limited is that the

    suspension from trading be lifted. UXA is working w

    ith ASX to enable this to happen and will keep the

    market informed in relation to this matter on the p

    roposed date for the lodging of the prospectus in

    respect of the Placement, Rights Issue and Cleansin

    g Issue.

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    Heres to getting out of debt and back on the Market. Been off line too long tying up my capital. :x

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    great sentiments Dazzler, hoping for a bonanza strike to lift this stock above current levels. Interesting comments on the aborted Rights issue? Cheers :D

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