Milestone Sports Launches New MilestonePod and Rebrand

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    Milestone Sports Launches New MilestonePod and Rebrand
     Milestone Sports launches new MilestonePod and an upgraded and refreshed mobile App
     The new generation of MilestonePod and App deliver an improved and simpler user experience, whilst
    retaining its existing retail price of A$49.95
     The Pods have undergone a complete rebrand and upgrades that include a longer battery, water proofing
    and overall improved accuracy
     New Pods now on sale on the Milestone website and will be available in the three initial targeted stores
    in partnership with The Athletes Foot
     New Pod and App release signifies the next phase of growth for Milestone as its enhanced and rebranded
    products are expected to gain increased traction among consumer and corporate customers

    Victory Mines Limited (ASX:VIC or ‘the Company’) today announces an update on Milestone Sports Limited, in
    which it has a binding Heads of Agreement to acquire 100% of the issued capital.

    Milestone Sports is pleased to announce it has today launched a new generation MilestonePod and an
    upgraded and refreshed accompanying mobile application, providing users a more seamless and refined user

    The launch of the new Pod and App follows the announcement of its partnership with The Athletes Foot
    (announced 2 August 2016) to feature its MilestonePods in three of its largest stores throughout Australia, with
    a view to jointly roll-out a wider in-store customer loyalty program.

    The latest MilestonePod securely clips on to the laces of the shoe, eliminating the need to unlace the
    shoe to attach the Pod and making it easier for users to switch to the next model once a shoe is retired. It
    has a sleek, all black design, giving the user simplicity and ease of use. Additional Pod improvements
    include a longer battery life of six to eight months, water proofing, overall improved accuracy and the
    removal of the odometer window. Despite all of the upgrades, the price remains A$49.95.

    The Pods continue to provide runners the data they need to improve performance and stay healthy, such as:
    cadence, foot strike, rate of impact, pace, distance and shoe mileage.

    The new App is now available to download on Android and iOS.
    It has an easier registration process, a faster sync time and overall
    cleaner navigation. It also gives runners a refined Runficiency
    Score®, a propriety calculationn that combines metrics such as
    cadence, ground contact and stride length.
    Runners can also now download their entire run log in Excel to be viewed and further
    analysed on a desktop

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    Along with the launch of the new product, the brand identity for Milestone Sports has also undergone an uplift.

    Milestone Sports has unveiled new logos, packaging, campaign and website that has given the business a more
    cohesive brand voice and mature company profile.
    The latest MilestonePod promotional campaign video can be viewed here.

    Commenting on the new Pod, App, and rebrand Yaron Garmazi, CEO of Milestone Sportssaid “The new features
    of the Pod and App are based on feedback we’ve received from our passionate user base over the past several
    quarters, and we focused our efforts on making the user experience better than ever.

    “The new minimal, sleek design alongside the refined App and rebrand has taken Milestone to the next level
    and represents a more mature company profile, that will assist us in securing further distribution and
    collaboration partnerships as we increase our sales and marketing activities.”

    Update on Acquisition of Milestone Sports Limited
    The acquisition of 100% of the issued capital of Milestone Sports Limited by the Company remains conditional
    on the satisfaction of various conditions precedent, including obtaining the approval of both Milestone Sport
    and the Company’s shareholders. The full conditions precedent are contained in the announcement of 6 April

    Until all of these conditions precedent are satisfied (or waived) the Company will continue to trade as Victory
    and the Company will not own Milestone Sport.

    For further information please contact:
    Elizabeth Hunt
    Company Secretary
    Erik Tyler
    Investor Relations
    Media: Andrew Ramadge
    Media and Capital Partners
    0475 797 471

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  3. 3.6k
  4. 29.0k

    previous managment is a laughing stock

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  5. 3.6k

    VIC- BUYERS stepping up, maybe they see the potential at .004cents
    MC is only $2million...

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  6. 29.0k

    I will say deal is dead before it even gets up or another capital consolidation to get price near the new rule raise ..has been a disater bottom line

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  7. 29.0k

    mkt tells you deal looks dead back to a shell

  8. 29.0k

    run by a bunch of suspect corporate milkers..

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  9. 704

    That is correct! I'm glad I offloaded my EYM shares the day before its 4:1 consolidation. Its share price went from 0.008 to 0.032 (post consolidation price) and is now languishing at 0.01 (post consolidation) which is run by the same corporate milkers.

  10. 29.0k

    same clowns got into EYM they are company destroyers NO 1.. how they get away with it is a ASIC disgrace,,

  11. 704

    The Chairman is also a wannabe author and pretty much sails around the world with his family.

  12. 29.0k

    yep and he milks $150 k from VIC for doing stuff all...

  13. 29.0k

    look at CMY Elizabeth hunt same VIC thieves

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  14. 29.0k

    taring halt a ticket out of the dog on the pump coming

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  15. 29.0k

    knowing these crooks i have a hunch cobalt with a pump then CR

  16. 29.0k

    dud deal just kicking rocks..a lot of trapped traders want out of this dog?

  17. 29.0k

    no surprise on this rort of a company cobalt deal stock down %14 dig deeper into the deal its a dud some rock chips from a out back tenement pick up ,this mob never cease to amaze

  18. 29.0k

    What are you guys on about 99 samples and 9 showed alittle cobalt, thats pretty shitty in my book.

    They would have been scraping around out there looking for anything they could find, this is yet another nothing play from this crappy outfit.

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  19. 29.0k

    no surprise being dumped at .005 maybe fair value for a shell..but current management have to go..

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  20. 29.0k

    look at RIE now thats a real cobalt deal

  21. 29.0k

    no surprise on this corporate milk job..

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