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    NexGens web optimisation product to be released as new Global brand WangleTM

    Three distinct commercialisation opportunities for WangleTM through:

    WangleTM app

    WangleTM Premium Services;


    The WangleTM enterprise offering

    WangleTM technology to significantly enhance privacy and security, increase internet speeds by up to 100% and lower data consumption by up to 50%, across popular applications including Facebook, Netflix and Instagram

    Beta launch to commence in November 2015, targeting 20,000 users exclusively within Australia and NewZealand over 3 months to use and stress test the platform

    Monetisation and roll-out strategy of the product across new markets expected to commence in early 2016 following beta phase

    Initial key target markets to include Latin America and the USA targeting over 250,000 users

    WangleTM is positioned as a first mover in the video content market, with video content estimated to account for over 65% of mobile data traffic by 2019

    A strong contender to be come a leading application to increase speed and data savings across video streaming sites, targeting a total of 2 million users by H12017

    VTX Holdings Limited(ASX:VTX)(VTX or theCompany)

    is pleased to announce that NexGen Networks Limited (NexGenorNGN)

    has now confirmed and protected the brand name of WangleTM for its revolutionary web optimisation product.

    Consumer Offering Once launched,WangleTM will be after free to download application (from Apple and Google Play stores) .WangleTM will provide consumers with access to data optimisation technologies offering substantial data savings and speed improvement,

    with added safety and privacy through enhanced network security measures.

    WanglesTM enhanced user interface will allow users to subscribe to additional add on features as part of the Premium package. The subscription services are fully customisable and available either as single-feature add-ons or as innovative bundled packs designed to suit specific user types.

    courtesy of Bell Direct



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