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  2. 3.2k

    $3 by xmas??? while lke a dog..

  3. 1.6k

    VUL absolute beast.....30$ stock imo

  4. 3.2k

    $3 /$5 yes $30 no...dyor

  5. 1.6k

    5+yrs when full EV swing underway, self driving garbage trucks, taxis, personal craft

    Low SOI atm if they can keep a lid on expenses, white oil boom. imo

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  6. 172

    jeesus i missed this one.

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    Now comes the Europa Tesla - and a German battery factory

    n addition to car production, the world's largest battery factory is also to be built in Grünheide. Elon Musk also wants to develop a new model specifically for the European market. He justifies this with a personal experience in Berlin.

    E.lon Musk has big plans for the Tesla factory in Brandenburg. At the European Battery Conference organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Musk announced that the American electric car manufacturer will also build the world's largest battery factory in Grünheide, in addition to car production.

    Tesla is planning to build a battery factory with a capacity of around 100 gigawatt hours in Brandenburg . Later, production could even be expanded to 200 or 250 gigawatt hours.

    Musk also plans to develop a new model for the European market in Germany. He was thinking of a compact class car, which was particularly popular in Europe.

    “There are talented designers and engineers in Europe and the best people want to work there and implement their own ideas, they don't just want to copy something that was designed in California,” said Musk. You also need a model that is adapted to the conditions in Europe.

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