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    look at TNT cyber security $$,,zyb looks like a scam imo

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    The current do nothing board is sleepwalking into a permanent delisting. Come November it's all over for the shareholders. IMO the ASX Compliance won't let this relist with the current board. 4 new board members with a new deal in the cyber security sphere is the only hope.

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    erryGI, mate i agree with your sentiments 150%.....except for one....never trust a greek.....ZYB and it's people has made Greeks look bad and we are not all like that.....perhaps what you should have said ....never trust this Greek.........i am on your side.

    How the authorities can let this go on for so long is beyond me and embarrassing for them

    I too have lost plenty in this one and it will serve as a valuable lesson

    Fact is that they have got away with a lot and smiling all the way and they probably read these posts with a smile on their face, happy to have got away with it with no incrimination......they honestly believe they are smarter than the rest.....they are not....far from it

    on another note with no connection at all to this, just finished watching the documentary: Parasites....great watch

    Their personal brand is shot...the ZYB brand is shot....both with no credibility what so ever...they are a joke....they way they have conducted themselves is a joke...i just hope that they don't want to be taken seriously

    Where the fork are the authorities...their silence is deafening......

    perhaps they will pop up somewhere else with another opportunity, as you said do due diligence....if you see the familiar names .......stay away

    Someone please put an end to ZYB ......RIP
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    If enough of you want a class action against this mob set it up don't wait for someone else to do your dirty work. He's taken your money and spent it, all he's doing now is waiting it out. He's still getting paid remember. happy to provide with some info if needed to support.
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    My annoyance is this

    The responses or lack thereof from the authorities, they really should hang their heads in shame.....

    As far as those connected with ZYB......nothing but contempt

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    I agree, complain to ASIC about Sandune who ramped this stock.

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    28 February 2020
    Notification of Delay in Lodgement Appendix 4D and Interim Financial Report
    Zyber Holdings Limited (ASX:ZYB) (Zyber or the Company) advises that it has
    experienced delays in completing the Appendix 4D and Interim Financial Report for
    the Half-Year ended 31 December 2019 (Financial Reports) due today. This is a
    result of the change in auditors on 18 February 2020 (ASX: 18/02/2020).
    The audit review by Pitcher Partners has commenced, and the Financial Reports will
    be lodged as soon as practical.
    The Board considered that it was necessary to appoint a Brisbane based firm as the
    Company’s auditor and selected Pitcher Partners to replace RSM for the financial
    year commencing 1 July 2019 and subsequent financial years based upon their
    expertise and competitive fee structure.
    For further information please contact:
    Henry Kinstlinger
    Company Secretary
    Zyber Holdings Limited
    Telephone: +61 2 9251 7177

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    Have you complained about the $18m that vanished from MED champ?

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    years ago i had another username which i couldn't remember to log on, SANDY WAS RAMPING THE GUTS OUT OF THIS...disgraceful dodgy poster. newbys beware.

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    welcome multi nic no 109 how sad

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    If it is the same Sandy, he makes things up

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    welcome multi nic no 109 how sad

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    pretty low, deceiving others to make a $

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    welcome multi nic no 109 how sad

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