AWU dumps Gillard

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    It is lovely to watch disintegrating Labor, they are all like starving crazy chickens in the pen, when one chook shows signs of weakness, all of the rest race in and peck the crap out of it.

    In this case the weak red chook is JuLia Gillard, last time a very weak foul Kevin Rudd, was pecked all over his silly looking featherless head and chased out of the cage.

    Welcome to Labor's "New Australia", "the envy of the world"!!

    Terri in COMMENTS

    Well she hasn't cared what the greater majority of Australians wanted up until now. I wouldn't be surprised if they have to drag her kicking and screaming if she is voted out.

    Let's just hope the Vic Police drag her straight to jail. Bill Shorten and Nicola Roxon should be hung out to dry publicly for their cover ups also.

    Now, little egotistical Krudd. How is the Heiner Affair inquiry going I wonder ? With any luck that will show some of his true colours if it gets an airing.

    Along with a little repeated reminder ( perhaps in his own words from prior clips ) HE is responsible for the problem we now have re the illegal arrivals along with other thing.

    LizW in COMMENTS

    The interesting thing is that she probably has as much dirt on the AWU and/or some of it's high profile members, as it has on her. I imagine the same can be said of all Labor MPs - they're such a cosy little bunch!

    It's going to be very entertaining in one respect, but sad for our country.

    Bringbackthebalancein COMMENTS

    Yeah Liz... Big Bill is about to get his along with Bob Bentley for the $20 odd million that went west into Labor/Union mates coffers from the Racing Authority in Qld in the last month of the Bligh Labor debacle...

    Bet Big Bill knows exactly where Wilson and Gillard's little stash ended up too...

    It could get very very ugly from here... Popcorn to the ready.... Hit the old "Prisoner" reprisal, Gladys!!!

    "You used to bring me roses,

    I wish you would again,

    But that was on the outside,

    and things were different then......."

    Dear PM, We haven't got your back anymore. Fond regards, Paul, Bill and all at the AWU

    Michael Smith SATURDAY, 15 JUNE 2013

    This could get serious, going in to work without the backing of the AWU. Lean and hungry caucus members pick off the weak individuals at the back of the pack!

    Caucus in crisis as Julia Gillard loses protection of the AWU

    by SID MAHER, TROY BRAMSTON AND TOM DUSEVIC From The Australian June 15, 201312:00AM

    JULIA Gillard is facing a crisis of confidence in the Labor caucus and has lost the protection of the powerful Australian Workers Union, as she enters the "killing zone" of the final two sitting weeks of parliament.

    Labor sources believe the Prime Minister is in her most vulnerable position since she took the leadership from Kevin Rudd nearly three years ago, with her supporters having been rocked by the release of internal polling showing the government is on track for a wipeout on September 14. Senior ALP figures say that while a majority of caucus would "like something to happen", the mechanism for leadership change remains unclear and senior figures are not certain a majority of Labor MPs would vote for a change.

    The national leadership of the Australian Workers Union will not stand in the way of leadership change from Ms Gillard to Mr Rudd if Labor MPs decide to revisit the issue.

    "The AWU continues to support Julia Gillard and we believe it is in the best interests of the movement to remain united behind the Prime Minister," AWU national secretary Paul Howes told The Weekend Australian.

    But the key national union leader and influential Labor Right figure says the union will not be directing any MPs to support Ms Gillard in any caucus ballot.

    "We don't tell MPs how to vote," Mr Howes said. "We don't do that. But we do say what our position is. How MPs vote in a leadership ballot is up to them."

    The comments by Mr Howes, who appeared on national television on the night of the coup against Mr Rudd urging he be replaced by Ms Gillard, come as Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten - a key AWU parliamentary figure - is seen as pivotal to Ms Gillard's fortunes.

    Mr Shorten has indicated he supports the Prime Minister but Labor sources say he is under pressure to act to resolve the leadership impasse amid internal polling in Ms Gillard's home state of Victoria, which shows swings of up to 8 per cent in inner Melbourne and 15 per cent in outer-suburban seats.

    I always found the AWU's special relationship with Ms Gillard to be a cause for concern after what she did to the AWU in the 1990s. It can't be healthy for a union to have so much dirt on a PM who is beholden to that union for her continued Prime Ministership.

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    cruddy Ruddy, the stupid brains trust who opened the flood gates to let the illegal invaders pour unchecked into Australia to become the source of the future racial destruction of Australia, has at least one other known skeleton in the cupboard - the Heiner Affair.How any level headed Australian would want this brainless Rudd drongo as PM defies imagination. Rudd is just Gillard with the headlights on high beam!!!Let us hope Gillard stays until the final bell and there is the sound of frozen steel ripping and crumbling as the Labor Titanic crashes into that iceberg of oblivion.Mr Kevin RuddFormer Chief of Staff to Queensland Premier Wayne Goss, Federal Member for Griffith and the current Prime Minister of Australia.Was Kevin Rudd as Chief of Staff to Premier Wayne Goss a powerful force within the government and cabinet? Or was he merely a minor, pumped up fringe player? What is his knowlege and or involvement of the illegal destruction of the Heiner evidence taken from sexual abuse victims while under state care?From the News section of Springboard Australia:- "In this Courier-Mail feature on Labor's Federal Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd, prior to the 2007 Federal election, Springboard Australia's founding Managing Driector, Tim Grau, discusses what Rudd was iike when they worked together for former Queensland Premier Wayne Goss". Read our archived article here.Kevin Rudd is Mentioned at the STANDING COMMITTEE ON LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL AFFAIRSKevin Lindeberg submits to the STANDING COMMITTEE ON LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL AFFAIRS (see below) that Kevin Rudd ought to be placed under oath when Mr. Lindeberg swears that"It is open to suggest that two such people caught up in this network and sitting in the Federal Parliament should be questioned under oath in the same way I was to ascertain whether or not they held the same state of knowledge as the Hon. Anne Warner and the Hon. Pat Comben did in those critical days. They are the Member for Griffith, Mr. Kevin Rudd MP and the Member for Lilley, Mr. Wayne Swan MP".INQUIRY INTO CRIME IN THE COMMUNITY:FEAR OF CRIMEOFFENDERSVICTIMSSUBMISSION IN REPLY TO BRACKET OF EVIDENCE TAKEN IN BRISBANE REGARDING SUBMISSIONS 142 & 142.1THE HEINER AFFAIR ON 27 OCTOBER 2003 Kevin Lindeberg.It follows that any suggestion that the (Goss) Queensland Government came to this matter with clean hands and good intentions bears little scrutiny. Transparency in the Goss Governments handling of this matter was never present from day one, nor does it exist in the Beattie Government in 2003.1.17 It is now quite clear that while Queenslands administrative and criminal justice system has collapsed in around the Cabinets unlawful decision to destroy the Heiner Inquiry documents, as Dr. MacAdam suggested in his 27 October 2003 bracket of evidence, these corrupt doings, by natural political and logical extension, go back to the ALPs transition-12 I was an ALP member in Federal seat of Bowman occupied by the Hon. Con Sciacca; and the State seat of Manly (later changed to Capalaba) which was occupied by Mr. Jim Elder who later resigned in disgrace, when Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, after being caught up in electoral rorting which came to light during the Shepherdson Inquiry into electoral rorting within the ALP in late 2000. I used to attend branch meetings on a regular basis. I parted company with the ALP over the Heiner Affair in 1992 after meeting with Mr. Elder when he acknowledged that exposing the Heiner cover-up was only a matter of when it would happen, not if. After the 1992 Goss victory, Mr. Elder became a new Minister and leader of the AWU faction, and spoke in a derisory manner about Heiner whenever it came to the floor of Parliament for debate. 13 Mr. Peter Coyne and Mrs. Anne Dutney Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Submission in Reply to 27 October 2003 Brisbane Evidence The Heiner Affairinto-government committee because it is not credible for certain of its members not to have had the same knowledge as Ms. Warner declared she had in the 1 October 1989 edition of The Sunday-Sun. It is simply not plausible to suggest otherwise. It is therefore strongly open to suggest that certain plans originated in this forum or even within a smaller circle - about how the John OxleyYouth Detention Centre problem within the Families Department would be addressed, along with a general cleaning out of other departments after being in the political wilderness for 32 years when the expected December 1989 State election victory was decided. It was, afterall, another drovers dog election to be won by the ALP against a discredited and dysfunctional National Party Government massively weighed down by the Fitzgerald Inquiry revelations.1.18 The manifestation of a transition-into-government plan to clean out certain public officials showed up when certain high ranking persons, mainly former departmental Directors-General, were shunted off to a gulag at the Normanby Fiveways within a matter of days of the Goss Government winning office where they were given no work, and were eventually either terminated or employed elsewhere. The author knows that Queensland Premier the Hon. Wayne Gosss Principal Private Secretary, Mr. Kevin Rudd, played a highly significant role in this possess of vetting the suitability of new Directors-General for the Goss administration, even as early as the Sunday after election day.1.19 Mr. Coyne was suddenly moved from his management position at Wacol on 14 February 1990 to another in the Brisbane Central area to carry out a so-called special task the following day. His secondment occurred the day after the Inquiry was closed which immediately triggered his legal action to obtain access to the Heiner Inquiry documents.141.20 He was gazetted15 to his new position which opens up other related questions concerning the subsequent (fraudulent) make-up of his Deed of Settlement* payment of $27,190 which included bogus compensation for additional travelling costs and payment for time off in lieu of worked overtime neither of which he was entitled to. Mr. Coyne claimed that his seconded task was, in reality, a created non-job16 for the purpose of justifying his sudden removal from the Centre. *(See Heading: The Fresh Significance of the Particular Provisions in the February 1991 Deed of Settlement)1.21 The identity of those on the ALP transition-into-government committee may become a highly relevant factor in Heiner now for a variety of reasons. Certain LACA Committee members have seen fit to question me on the suspicion that I must have known about the child abuse at the time which, presumably, I should have done something about by preventing the Inquirys records from being shredded or reported it to an appropriate authority because it potentially breached the course of justice as the records would have been highly relevant to a police investigation and potential related judicial proceedings. As it happened, I was unaware of the abuse.1.22 Some of these people may have gone on to hold, and may still hold, very influential positions in State or Federal public office, or, indeed, elsewhere enabling them to hinder justice or to still do so in this serious matter. In the interests of justice, their identity and14 See the Walsh Memorandum dated 14 February 1990 to DFSAIA Acting CEO Ms. Ruth Matchett. 15 See Queensland Government Gazette No. 55 3/3/90 p.1088. 16 Review of Departmental Services to Young Offenders See Volume 2 Criminal Justice Commission Senate Select Committee on Unresolved Whistleblower Cases Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Submission in Reply to 27 October 2003 Brisbane Evidence The Heiner Affairpublic position held at relevant times, may well therefore become a necessary fact-finding ingredient for the Committee which, when known, may add more weight to the alreadyestablished call for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate Heiner fully. Equally, given the seriousness of the situation, some may well wish to publicly disavow themselves, under oath, of the same state of knowledge which former Goss Families Minister the Hon. Anne Warner and former Environment Minister the Hon. Pat Comben unquestionably had at the time when they, as Ministers of the Crown, permitted vital evidence of abuse of children in State care to be put through the shredder so that it could not be used in court or in evidence against the careers of certain staff at the Centre who were plainly abusing children in State care and were never held to account. Such conduct may go to a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and accessory after the fact.1.23 It is open to suggest that two such people caught up in this network and sitting in the Federal Parliament should be questioned under oath in the same way I was to ascertain whether or not they held the same state of knowledge as the Hon. Anne Warner and the Hon. Pat Comben did in those critical days. They are the Member for Griffith, Mr. Kevin Rudd MP and the Member for Lilley, Mr. Wayne Swan MP.Read the complete document in the LINKLong-running scandal threatens RuddOpposition Leader Kevin Rudd was Gosss chief of staff at the time of the Heiner Affair and shortly after took on the newly-created position of Director-General of the Cabinet Office. According to Queensland academic Scott Prasser: Rudd was the de facto power behind the throne. He was Wayne Gosss closest adviser and the Premiers Mr Fixit. He was the key man.Last December, Queensland Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson said: Rudds chief credential for Labor leadership is that he knows power and has exercised it at the highest levels of government. He ran the government of Queensland for six years ...The Heiner Affair has been put squarely in the public arena by some of the most respected members of the judiciary and the legal fraternity, people not given to demonstrations of public outrage; but who felt that the shredding of evidence by the Goss executive represented a full frontal attack on the separation of powers, on the judiciarys function. Given that the matter remains unresolved, there is no guarantee it might not happen again.These black letter law figures arent interested in politics or personalities, but they are gravely concerned about the conduct of the law and, in particular, the manner in which it was applied to a decision of the Queensland government at a time when, as it happens, Rudd held a position of great influence with unhindered access to Cabinet documents.Source: The Daily TelegraphTragic story cries out for an endingFEDERAL Opposition leader Kevin Rudd may be called to answer questions relating to the destruction of evidence as a police investigation into the rape of a Queensland girl 19 years ago gains new momentum.The girl, who we will call Alice, was just 14 at the time and resident at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre, in the care of the Queensland Government, when she was gang raped by other inmates. Though some of the rapists confessed, no charges were pressed and the police inquiry at the time was at best belated and perfunctory.Alices tragic story is but one strand of this horror, the other is the Goss ALP governments attempt to ignore her plight and bury the incident without trace. That attempt began when an investigation, directed by former magistrate Noel Heiner and launched by the Cooper National Party government, was shut down by the Goss government when it came to power.The Goss cabinet ordered the shredding of all the documents collected by Heiner and this marked the beginning of the Heiner Affair. Rudd was Premier Wayne Gosss chief of staff at the time and subsequently became the director-general of his cabinet office. It was widely held that nothing took place within cabinet without his knowledge, and he has also claimed his experience running Gosss cabinet has equipped him to be prime minister of Australia.Though both Rudd and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie claimed as recently as last week that the shredding of the documents needed no further investigation, it has never been fully examined. Both Rudd and Beattie also rejected the view of former chief justice of the High Court, Sir Harry Gibbs and an unprecedented plea from a former West Australian chief justice (David Malcolm), two retired NSW chief judges (Jack Lee, now deceased, and Dr Frank McGrath), two retired NSW Supreme Court justices (Roddy Meagher and Barry OKeefe), one of Australias foremost QCs (Alec Shand) and a legal academic and barrister (Alastair MacAdam) that an independent special prosecutor be appointed to examine the matter.Source: The Daily TelegraphHiding In The ShadowsIN THE space of a week, Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie have snubbed calls for an inquiry into the rape and abuse of children in the care of the Queensland Government, claiming previous investigations established there was nothing more to be investigated.Through a spokesman, Beattie said: Two Senate select committees and at least two Senate committee of privileges inquiries. The (Queensland) criminal justice committee, the parliamentary CJC and the Electoral andAdministrative Review Commission (EARC) have also looked at this. The Auditor-General has considered it twice. There is nothing more to be investigated."Rudds spokesman said something eerily similar: "These alleged actions of the Goss Government have been exhaustively investigated in a number of inquiries, including two separate Federal parliamentary inquiries _ one joint select committee, and another by the House of Representatives legal and constitutional committee in 2004, chaired by Liberal MP, Bronwyn Bishop and with a government-controlled majority."Neither of these inquiries received or considered any allegations in relation to the federal Labor leader nor was he mentioned in transcripts, submissions or in the committees reports."He was also not included among the persons adversely named."There is another similarity between the claims of Beattie and Rudd. Both are distinctly questionable (and both men must be well aware of that).First, lets look at the inquiries Beattie and Rudd are attempting to hide behind.The first Senate committee to mention the so-called Heiner Affair, which involved the Goss Cabinets decision to shred documents needed by investigators, was a 1994 inquiry into whistleblowing generally.It was not specifically into this matter. Despite the Beattie-Rudd claims that it found nothing wrong, the all-party committee unanimously recommended that the Goss Government (in which Rudd served as Premier Wayne Goss chief of staff from 1989 to 1992) review the affair.Definitely no clean bill of health there. Goss, of course, rejected the committees recommendation.Source: The Daily Telegraph

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    Are the Vic Police just waiting for Miss Gillard to step down from the PM position before moving in ?Victoria Police seize files on AWUby Hedley Thomas From The Australian June 17, 2013 12:00AMPOLICE from the Victorian Fraud Squad have seized boxes of legal documents from Julia Gillard's former employer, Slater & Gordon lawyers, as part of an ongoing probe into the AWU slush fund scandal.The documents were removed from the firm's Melbourne offices after the execution of a search warrant and co-operation between the firm and detectives, sources told The Australian yesterday.Fraud Squad detectives want to examine all legal files related to controversial legal work done by Ms Gillard and the firm for her then boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, the allegedly corrupt Australian Workers Union senior official, and his union sidekick, Ralph Blewitt, in the 1990s.The legal files are subject to confidentiality provisions.Mr Blewitt has previously waived confidentiality and has admitted to police his role in what he has described as a major fraud with Mr Wilson.Mr Wilson and Ms Gillard, whose relationship ended over the AWU scandal in 1995, have repeatedly and strenuously denied any wrongdoing, and accused Mr Blewitt of being unreliable and a liar.It is understood that while Mr Blewitt wants police to examine all AWU-related legal documents held by Slater & Gordon, Mr Wilson will seek to prevent police from examining the files that are relevant to him.Slater & Gordon, which has pledged to co-operate with Victoria Police and any other investigating authorities, including a possible royal commission into unions foreshadowed by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, has not represented the men for almost 17 years.A spokesman for Slater & Gordon said yesterday: "We are not commenting on police matters."Victoria Police, which has had a taskforce of detectives working on the AWU investigation since late 2012, have repeatedly declined to comment on their most sensitive probe. Police last month sought documents from the archives of the AWU's West Australian and Victorian branches, in which Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt worked in the 1990s during the alleged fraud.The legal work done at Slater & Gordon for the two men includes the Prime Minister's role in helping Mr Wilson establish the AWU Workplace Reform Association.Ms Gillard says she provided legal advice to help set up the AWU Workplace Reform Association, which Mr Wilson later used to carry out the alleged fraud. She later described the association as a "slush fund" for the re-election of union officials, but said she had no knowledge of its operations.The slush fund was used by Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt to bill building company, Thiess, for hundreds of thousands of dollars for work that was not performed.The union was not aware of the existence of the slush fund. Slater & Gordon was the law firm for the AWU at the time.Money was withdrawn from the slush fund to purchase a $230,000 Fitzroy terrace house in Mr Blewitt's name at a 1993 auction Ms Gillard attended with Mr Wilson, who subsequently lived in the property. Slater & Gordon handled the conveyancing and helped provide finance.Ms Gillard's work in helping establish the slush fund, leading to her abrupt departure as a salaried partner amid a breakdown in trust at the law firm, was revealed in The Australian last year with leaked letters and a transcript of the firm's tape-recorded September, 1995 interview with her.

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    The mortally wounded Labor beast crouches cowering in the Canberra bunker as the sound of Coalition heavy artillery draws ever closer.On Sept 14 the Coalition forces will blast Australia's No.1 Enemy, the traitorous treasonous Socialist Labor Communists, into eternal damnation.PM's gender call now an implosionPaul Sheehan Sydney Morning Herald columnist Date June 17, 2013Illustration: michaelmucci.comThe mood in the Prime Minister's office must feel like the leader's bunker in Berlin in April 1945, when the muffled sounds of Russian artillery could only be avoided in the bomb-proof war room as the leader ordered the deployment of armoured divisions that no longer existed.Ashen generals listen in silence knowing that all they have to defend their domain against a legion of hostiles is a dispirited Labor caucus and three groups with little credibility outside their inner-city strongholds: the Greens, Get-Up! and union-funded propaganda.Several questions must occupy the mind of every politician arriving in Canberra today, and all their staffers and camp followers, and every member of the Canberra press gallery, and every political junkie.Will the people in the leader's bunker still be politically alive by Thursday? Will a coup take place this week after everyone has gathered for the final sitting of Parliament?Will a new leader decide to call an immediate election and hope for a halo of novelty and surprise? Or will a new leader postpone the reckoning for as long as possible by discarding the September 14 election date and waiting until early 2014, providing six months to wage an offensive breakout?Or will the Labor caucus decide the leadership of Kevin Rudd is a bankrupt force, a false option, an option the electorate would rightly treat as a metaphor of panic, desperation, cynicism and impotence?The sound of approaching fire is personified by the opinion polls, now coming thick and fast as the media deploys the new technology of insecurity: so-called robopolls, the automated, cheaper, faster method of testing the state of the battlefields in the marginal electorates. The entire government now lives on the margins.The polls are bringing the sound of enemy advance ever closer. On Saturday, a poll by Reachtel, the best known of the automated polls, found the federal government would lose all four of its seats in Tasmania with a brutal 16 per cent swing against Labor. In the seat of Bass, Labor's primary vote has sunk to 26 per cent, with the Liberals' at 57 per cent.To this we can add our own latest Nielsen poll, published today, which finds that national support for Labor has shrunk back to a 29 per cent primary vote, portending a disastrous 57 per cent to 43 per cent defeat, on a two-party preferred basis, with a national 7 per cent swing against the government. With an election less than 13 weeks away, the polls have never recorded a shift in fortunes sufficient to turn this around. Not even close.Even worse news for the bunker: disapproval of the Prime Minister's performance has spiked to an all-time high of 61 per cent. The gap between Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister has grown to 50 per cent to 41 per cent in favor of Abbott.All these figures are even more dire for Gillard and Labor in the fundamentally crucial battleground of NSW, where the gap in the two-party preferred vote has opened into a chasm for Labor: a 61 per cent to 39 per cent lead for the Coalition. It is even worse in the other crucial battlefield, Queensland, a yawning 63 per cent to 37 per cent chasm in the two-party preferred vote in favour of the Coalition.Accompanying the grim explosions of the polls is the scatter-bombing of media hyperbole, which magnifies Labor's losses in the ground war. My favourite rhetoric of the past week came from political correspondent Simon Benson of the The Daily Telegraph: "If this Parliament were a novel, it would be Cormac McCarthy's The Road - a post-apocalyptic nightmare of a civilised society descending into eternal darkness while humans wander a wasteland eating each other."The latest Nielsen poll confirms that Gillard's gender politics has, rightfully, been a disaster. All the outrage about the misogyny of the Opposition leadership, overwhelmed by an abundance of contrary evidence, has been self-defeating.None of the advocates of the misogyny outrage ever sought to discredit the tsunami of snickering and ridicule about, and hundreds of caricatures of, Abbott in Speedos, his "budgie smugglers", as if being a surf lifesaver, and wearing the uniform, was some sort of joke.I have never seen a gender divide like the one that now exists in Australian politics as a direct result of a cynical Prime Minister systematically and methodically insulting men and debasing feminism by invoking gender as a weapon to make false claims and cynical smokescreens. The result is as predictable as it is self-annihilating.Australian men, by an overwhelming majority, are waiting to throw Gillard out of office if she is still leader on September 14. The gender gap is astounding. Labor's primary vote among men has shrunk to 24 per cent, while support for the Coalition among men has risen to 52 per cent. Women, too, have turned away. The Coalition enjoys a 43 per cent to 34 per cent lead over Labor among women voters.The implosion of the male vote for Labor, and the disaster unfolding for the party in Queensland, account for the rise of the living dead, Kevin Rudd.But Rudd's supposed popularity is a myth, like the supposed massive public outrage and support for Gough Whitlam after he was sacked in 1975. When the electorate was given a chance to vote, it destroyed Whitlam.Or the myth of Gillard's surging popularity after her "misogyny" speech. It sent the left-dominated Twittersphere into a froth of delight but in the other 96 per cent of the country it was a passing squall. Julia "Misogyny" Gillard or Kevin "Asylum" Rudd? Labor can choose its poison.

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    chipinga in COMMENTS 17 Jun 2013 3:57:38pmGillard and the unions will categorically ensure the decimation of the Labor party come September...and at the same time end the careers of many a labor back bencher.There is no doubt a war going on internally and it's to the bitter death, Rudd wants his pound of flesh and is playing a masterful game of diminishing Gillard to desperation and ultimately obliteration.I for one can't wait to hear what Gillard blames for her cataclysmic loss at about 7:15pm on the night of the elections.For me I'm ready for some stability in conjunction with fiscal responsibility and I have no doubt in Abbott and his team have the capacity and will power do do just that.IanM 17 Jun 2013 2:54:20pmThis morning's polls, which reveal ALP primary support at less than 30%, also show that PM Gillard's divisive gender war has started to bite. She's managed to make Tony Abbott more popular with men.It is revealing that Kevin Rudd's stated aim in campaigning is "to prevent Tony Abbott becoming Australia's next Prime Minister". Obviously he won't campaign on the record of the Gillard government as that would be too much to ask, but that only leaves personal attacks on Abbott as an alternative. What is more interesting is that in reigniting her gender war, Julia Gillard has clearly rejected the option of running on her record as well. Instead she has also opted for personal attacks.This is very similar to the last QLD election campaign where the Bligh government's attacks on Campbell Newman undoubtedly lost the ALP votes. The latest federal polls show the same trend caused by the same tactic. It has taken quite a long time to get the federal ALP primary support below 30%. It will be interesting to see if Julia Gillard can push that down to Bligh government levels of support before 14 September.fcg 17 Jun 2013 2:53:24pmGillard will lead Labor into the election - and lose badly. Rudd will be as happy as Larry as he, with all his behind-the-scenes shenanigans, will have had his sweet revenge. He will then quit and disappear into the wilderness with a cushy little job with the UN. Any bets?Backlash awaits party that 'saves the furniture'MARY DELAHUNTY 17 JUNE 2013What if the herd does stampede this last parliamentary sitting fortnight and Labor MPs move on the Prime Minister? There will be a swingeing backlash and there will be palpable anger in the party, writes Mary Delahunty.So it's all about Saving The Furniture! This little homily rolls around the political echo chamber as the press gallery parrots the mantra and Caucus members supposedly hover in the shadows of doubt.STF actually means hanging on to enough seats in the right places so a few factional warlords can control the party from opposition.It certainly doesn't mean an electoral win and typically presages a loss of soul, just as the Beazley-led Labor Party in trying to Save The Furniture in the Tampa election 12 years ago opened a vein of votes bleeding to the Greens from which the ALP has never recovered.The other furphy doing the rounds is that Rudd is now not 'destabilising' or 'stealing' the Government's oxygen. Oh really. So who is this indulgent backbencher cavorting in front of the camera, "Look at me, look at Me" like a spoilt kid at a school fete. The confected glee of some of the crowd ignores the reality of Rudd as a weak PM unable or unwilling to make hard policy decisions or even front up for a leadership ballot he had contrived his acolytes to engineer.And his "I'm Kevin and I'm here to help" routine certainly distracted from Julia Gillard's victory in manoeuvring Tony Abbott into a corner where he committed to not doing a deal with DLP senator John Madigan on abortion to get key legislation, such as the repeal of the carbon tax, through the Senate, should Abbott become prime minister and Madigan hold the balance of power.This is really Saving the Furniture, the policy furniture. Just as the Prime Minister is relentless in getting her education reform through the Parliament and progressively signing up the states to a national school improvement plan and needs based funding. Julia Gillard signed South Australia up to Gonski this week but it hardly rated a mention in a feverish week where governing and politics seemed to be in parallel universes.What if the herd does stampede this last parliamentary sitting fortnight and, as the boosters hope, they move on the PM?There will be a swingeing backlash.Thousands of decent Australian will be sickened by the indulgence of the political class. If they were bewildered in 2010 with the ALP leadership change, the February 2012 decisive 40-vote margin Caucus decision for Gillard, then the bizarre spill-call in March, Rudd no-show and ministers peeling off the front bench, they will be disgusted with another leadership merry-go-round.There will be palpable anger in the party.Women and men will baulk at staffing the booths. Many will refuse to hand out How to Vote cards with Rudd's face on them.Decent party members will struggle with the direction of their vote, The Greens will reap a harvest of Labor refuseniks in the senate.Tony Abbott and the LNP will launch a blitzkrieg of anti-Rudd ads featuring his own ministers skewering the man and his dysfunctional time in office. And don't think the clip of a furious and swearing Rudd won't get re-run on a loop throughout the campaign. These images will stand in coarse contrast to the jolly mate on the hustings today where he seems moved to almost concede that 'his government', not him, made a few mistakes.Present ministers will resign. New/old ministers and parliamentary secretaries will be recycled. Toxic recriminations will leach out onto a public despairing.Labor's tatty faade will be rent and the whole show will fall apart.Of course the echo chamber assumes that a crescendo of crisis polling will stampede MPs from a Prime Minister who has resolutely delivered on milestone policy such as national disability insurance, paid parental leave and a strikingly strong economy into the arms of a narcissist who offered the great symbolic value of The Apology but not much more.MPs in risky seats like Gary Gray in Western Australia are not lemming-like rushing to Rudd, instead Gray is calling for calm and the end to instability. The worst of the noise is coming from NSW.NSW, that bellowing branch of the Labor party which fostered a hardy and virulent form of political corruption, the branch that pioneered the revolving leadership syndrome and that held at its bosom the likes of Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald. And this discredited branch now dares to try and call the shots in a dispirited caucus.Meanwhile the Liberal National coalition can't believe their luck. They are coasting towards the green leather seats of government unobserved, unscrutinised, untested. And if they get there they will certainly bulldoze the furniture.Mary Delahunty is a Gold Walkley award-winning journalist, former minister in the Victorian Labor government and the author of Public life: Private Grief. View her full profile here.Cleaning out the Lodge on Sept 15.

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