Best Speculative Stocks to Buy

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    Hi Everyone

    Will some of the experts and senior members on this forum share their ideas about the best speculative stocks to buy. Will appreciate genuine suggestions.


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    g'day awazirgul, I'm no 'expert' and way too young to be called 'senior', but I reckon that pretty much everything thats discussed is 'speculative' ... for some strange reason, the more speculative the more discussion!

    You can see which stocks are getting the most discussion: SYR, CTP, the goldies, even LYC Lynas is still speculative until the first feed to kiln ...

    whether they are best buys or not depends on your circumstances - if you're watching the screen and are prepared to sell or use stops, or if you are wanting short-term mid-term or long term results, etc

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    first what is your concept of speculative stocks --- mine is a stock which looks to have excellent long term growth potential for company( not just share price) a likelihood of a constant div. stream in the (distant ) future (stocks like these if the share price more than doubles i sell enough shares to cover my outlay + costs add keep the rest on a cost free basis --- unless some major change makes the ownership no longer comfortable and selling the remaining holding is an early option ) of my holdings PME (imo) too expensive to buy extras and AEB (imo) getting close to add extras range . are good examples . a more popular (on this forum)style is to buy a stock in which the share will rise xx(x)% in a short period of time where some may buy and sell all or some of there holding several times MAD and SIR (imo both too expensive now) are nice recent examples. if you follow my style i am keeping a close eye an BCT @ around 20c. a share (do not hold these yet) ------ BTW welcome to T$ and you should always do your own research as well, not JUST rely on other's tips(including any brokers you are paying for guidance . :)

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    Substitute the word "gambling" rather than "speculating" (speculative stock) and you get a clearer picture.

    "Gambling/spectulating" on 100/1 shots usually ends in disappointment.

    Sure, There is the occasional win, but does that outweigh the losses?

    And NOTHING teaches you more than making a hefty loss.... :D :D :D

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    or bizarre management changes and/or business re-focus lie AAO from a proven gold resource to credit/loyalty card distribution, simply incredible :( :( ( hold AAO) :roll:

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    gday awazirgul,

    i dont see it the same way as marlinhunter does,bhp was once a speculative stock,and those with foresight and vision could see the future potential and value

    usually investors who bag speculative stocks,are imo,either already rich,and therefore dont need to take risks with their hard earned cash.

    do not have the personality required and are not risk taking type of people,and generally have a safety first type approach

    have been burned with a sure thing in the past,and now therefore tar everything with the same brush that has an element of risk

    all of the above is fine imo opinion,but i think the above senerios are usually your blue chip type investors,and good luck to them,each to their own

    topstocks you will generally find are made up of the above type investors,ts is generally blue chip investor types imo

    your above question i would expect to be generally answered in a very conservative manner

    that said,here is my opinion,and that is all it is,my opinion


    mnm mantle mining- 9.5c

    Mantle Mining Corporation Limited (Mantle) is a mineral exploration company. The Company is engaged in acquire, explore, develop and mine gold, phosphate, coal and coal bed methane or other mineral resources. Mantle has two gold deposits, both in the vicinity of Charters Towers, which lend themselves to early development: Great Britain and Granite Castle. Mantle has acquired these tenements (EPM 14388 and EPM 146-4) from Glengarry Resources Ltd. Mantle also controls tenements in North Queensland near Julia Creek, Charters Towers and in the Gulf of Carpentaria near Westmoreland, all prospective for uranium and base metals. The Companys Granite Castle Gold project is located north of Hughenden and west of the Historic Charters Towers Gold Field in North Queensland. The Mt Mulligan tenements are located approximately 100km west of Cairns.Mantle has also recently entered a recent j.v with exergen for brown coal resource at bachus marsh in victoria which has the attention of the victorian state government,for a jorc of 1.6bill tonne of brown coal

    HOR- horseshoe metals 25.5c

    Horseshoe Metals Limited (HML), formerly Shergar Corporation Limited, is an Australia-based company. Its Projects are located in the Peak Hill Mineral Field between 140 kilometer and 235 kilometer north of the town of Meekatharra in Western Australia. HML operates on two projects. The two projects include Horseshoe Lights and Kumarina Projects covering approximately 297.1 square kilometers (km2). The Horseshoe Lights Project is focused on the old Horseshoe Lights mine, which contains copper-gold mineralisation. Its Horseshoe Lights mine focuses on volcanogenic-hosted massive sulphide (VMS) mineralisation. The Horseshoe Lights Project comprises of 16 tenements that cover an area of approximately 79.98 km2. The Kumarina Project comprises two tenements covering an area of approximately 217.1 km2.

    Horseshoe Metals (ASX:HOR)

    Capital Structure:

    Ordinary Shares 70.7 M

    Options (20c exp 30/06/13) 6.1 M

    Options (35c exp 25/05/13) 3.3 M

    Options (45c exp 25/05/14) 3.3 M

    Options (60c 25/05/15) 3.3 M

    Current Market Cap: $14M approx

    52 Week High/Low: $0.41 - $0.14

    Cash at Bank (30/6/12) $2.5 M

    Major Shareholders:

    Investmet Limited 14.1%

    Azure Capital Limited 7.1%

    Current Resource Estimates:

    91,000t Cu

    37,400 oz Au

    Current Activities & Upcoming Newsflow.

    September 2012 re-commence drilling at Kumarina

    By end of 2012 - 4000 metres of Diamond & RC drilling to be completed at Horseshoe Lights

    Early 2013 updated mineral resource estimate at Horseshoe Lights

    Preliminary Feasibility Study on Horseshoe Lights to be conducted after resource update

    As more encouraging drilling results come in from Horseshoe Lights, HOR is shaping up to be an explorer worthy of consideration for a slightly longer term investment. Determining the economic feasibility of the Horseshoe Lights project will be a major step forward and, if successful, will enable management to go to the market for further capital to bring the mine back into production.

    Kumarina remains as the blue sky project and with drilling to re-commence in September, we should be in for an exciting 6 months.

    the other fact mailman likes about hor,is the low amount of shares on offer and the fact the directors have their hard earned invested as well,which is one of the main points mailman looks for in a spec,no directors putting money where mouth is= no mailman investment,i want to know if i lose,they lose

    AEM- 1.2c soon to have a name change,and change of company direction so take no notice of the atrs and entertainment management ticker

    i would not be able to put a better post up describing aem than our good buddy eddie "the great man' mora,SO I will use his post for this company,his post found on the aem thread is as follows

    Eddie has realised that his "MUST READ" posts are way to wordy and has now incorporate tables and graphs to minimise the amount of words in the thread, but fear not Eddie will still talk you through it.

    Okay Chaps & Ladies lets begin on AEM. My usual break up.

    General Information & Background

    AEM (Artist and Entertainment Group) - gas & oil explorer.

    AEM latest ann stipulates that they are in negotiations for the Wailawi Oil & Gas Project taking rights from UPT.

    The Wailawi Project, located in East Kalimantan, Indonesia was discovered in 1975 and was in production in 1979 and was a significant gas producer from ONLY four wells with peak production reaching 18 million cubic feet of gas per day in 1985. Production continued to 1999 when the project shutdown due to the asian finacial crisis, this results in the oil/gas field being put under "care and maintenance".

    AEM has now reached the terms of the proposed PSC and are at the final stages of signing the agreement. This is expected within the next week or so (So Eddie Says "Jump"). . .

    A further ann will then be made by AEM and a new timetable furnihed regarding obtaining shareholder approval of the acquisition if an interest in the Wailawi Porject from UPT and for compliance with Chapters 1 & 2 of the ASX Listing Rules.

    Calculation & Evaluation

    Please refer to the attached table for Eddies' Evaluation.

    I have three difference scenarios

    (1) Worse Case, (2) Most Likely, (3) Best Case

    I will talk you through the 'most likely' case and you can refer to the table for other information.

    'Most Likely' - assume that AEM will produce 14M ft/3 of gas per day with revenue from gas production @ $4.00, this leaves AEM with a profit of 0.00013/litre. 14M ft/3 is equal to 450M litres of gas per day. assuming that the wells are operational everyday expect PH that means that the wells are opertaional for 335 days a year. That means that the wells produce 115Billion litres of gas a year . . . @ $0.00013/litre that = $15.2M/year in profit. Over the operational life of the project (which is calcaulated as 6 years for the most likely scenario) that equals $91.5M in profit (LOW -Life of the Wells). . . Eddie applied a DCF of 7% and a maintenance fee of 10% for the LOW. It is important to note that AEM has the potential to go from a explorer to a producer in the matter of a few months and that they essential have little or now capital costs in getting the wells operational along with anything else.

    Leaving total profit after elements at ~$78M.

    Current Market Cap = $5,000,000

    Shares on Issue = ~417,000,000

    Current SP = $0.012

    Potential SP (SPS) = $0.187

    % increase on Current SP = ~1500%

    Please note that the contract with UPT does stipulate that they will share in the profits from the project. I do not know what the terms of the contract are but I can provide a margin of safety (MOS) @ 50%. This brings down the SPS to $0.09, which undervalues the current SP at about 7 times its current value.

    With that kind of MOS, AEM is a no brainer for those who have done their research.

    So Eddie says "...", What do you think I say?

    GOOD investing for the future,and i hope you make the right decisions,imo the 3 i have put up will do very well in the not distant future,take some profit along the way

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    THAT, mailman, is the essence of discussion - To disagree with another and supply supportive information.

    No abuse, just facts - Fantastic mate!

    I must admit that I know little about the stocks that you have supplied information about - I will endeavour to research each of them.

    btw... I "speculate", as do we all, for IF we didnt we would NOT be in the stock market at all.

    Calculated Risk - there in lies the individual's investment.

    How much Money are you prepared to "risk"? .... a question we all must come to grips with.

    Great post, mate! :cool: :cool: :cool:

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    ",are imo,either already rich,and therefore dont need to take risks with their hard earned cash'

    THANKS MARLINHUNTER i am thankful for the kind words,maybe you fit into the above category mate lol

    after all,these forums are just opinions

    im thinking of putting more effort into my posts again,because i stopped putting the effort in to the spec posts because there wasnt enough people coming into the forum,and lets face it ts is a blue chip site,so it wasnt worth the effort

    i have learned recently that i cannot just rely on my outstanding looks ,and i have to put more effort in

    but now andre has really improved this site,it feels like the effort is worth it again,with a new type of posters joining ts,a bit more variety and open mindedness

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    and of course every IPO (initial public offering ) is a complete speculation with the much publicized Face-Book and Manchester United floats as brilliant examples of how things can go, after your money is in someone's bank account . :)

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    Hmmmmm... am I "rich"?

    Well, yes, I guess - happy wife, happy life and self funded retired.

    btw... Our entire SMSF porfolio is in GOLD based "investments"... PRU is the flagship and as research will show, speculation and Knowledge paid off for us.... and I trade almost daily.

    PRU, AMX, GRY, AZM, PVM, WAF, DMR, KCN, BSR, DRD(South African listed) - a "mix" one could say, but ALL eggs in the Golden Basket and NOT in OLD GOLD Australia.

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    i.p.o s have to be taken each on their own merit

    to throw them all in the same basket and generalizing imo,is poor investing,and can become a missed opportunity,especially in regards to speculative shares

    anyway,my money and opinion is on the table in regards to aem s coming ipo,the future will either hold me as a fool or a legend,lets see lol

    in regards to last years spec picks i have had some good success on the forum boards,look at the hao thread,lyc from 18c to 1.20 mnm from 2c to 27c etc etc made all my calls on the boards before they happened so they could be verified at a later date

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    apart from KCN's dabble in Australia that must in hindsight bring a big smile , (current holdings in gold are KCN,KRM,OZL,MML,MOY,RCO,in theory MCR , BHP,RIO, and PAN also have gold exposure, but i am a big fan of diversity in uncertain times (to come) :)

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    in hindsight the only IPO i have missed and wondered if .... is BCT and luckily for me , (imo)the train is still at the station, the price of the ticket is what i am haggling over. (DYOR) i doubt this is a multi-bagger , but might earn the "nice little earner" title (which would be fine for me) (don't hold BCT ,yet ) :)

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    Can anyone suggest any books and or other resources for trading and learning about trading spec stocks?


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    this guy has some decent videos (nothing overly technical - but he is honest and entertaining)

    I've skimmed through a couple of books on penny stocks but not found anything worthwhile yet. Most just restate the obvious... 'Look for good fundamentals, good management...'

    When looking at specs the most important things for me are a reasonable ratio of shares issued to market cap and high volume.

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    sorry for the delay in answering ,

    but i don't "trade" as you know it , i may escape from a bad share or situation (or reduce with the aim of a "free-carry" but my normal intention is to keep some of the stock for 5 years of more (even the 0.1 cent ones ) because i think they have genuine potential .

    so i first focus on whether the share is (imo) keeping for a long time, then try to get a comfortable price .

    best of luck , that is a skilled and highly competitive game you are trying to learn .

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