Big hit on Saudi oil facilities - now

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    It could also have been under the auspices of Israel.
    They have very good reasons to have Iran removed as a regional player.
    Trump's buddy the corrupt Netanyahu would love to get the USA involved in that.

    Perhaps he was expecting the US to respond the other day just prior to the election in Israel.
    Too bad that the election result didn't turn out the way he wanted.

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    In fairness to Trump he is sticking to diplomacy over any knee jerk reaction . Iran are very close with both Russia and China any Saudi American action would be very painful militarily and economically for the entire world . The war in Yemen is the continuing threat to the global economy , the 64 question is did the rebels buy those drones or were they captured from incompetent Saudi forces ? news reports have been claiming for months that the Yemen rebels occupy some parts of Saudi Arabia ? Burning of all those millions of barrels of oil every day is poisoning the air we all need to breathe and it is still illegal to grow marijuana flowers because a bunch of corrupt psychopaths say so ,the way I see it there are no good outcomes every living thing on earth is almost certain to be damned in any scenario. .

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    China stand to gain the most ,they have all Ready made a 20% profit on all the Oil they recently purchased from Iran.
    Trump is doing the right thing ,if the Saudis say they can prove the Drones are from Iran, then let them throw the first stone, why should America.
    He at least knows The Iraq war was a scam and a waste of thousands of lives for nothing.
    Iran do support the Houti rebels......Money From China helps pay for this.
    China is also the biggest trade partner with Iraq and Iran as well as NK.
    And yet people still gob off about Trump and Israel.

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    China are Australia's most important trading partner , we all need to remind ourselves that pre Trump we had more of a free market global economy . Ending the Iran nuclear deal was fool hardy , ending sanctions against Iran is the only way to a negotiated settlement . In the current climate the actions of one rogue dickhead could open up a Pandora's box .

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    China are screwing Australia, and Australia should end the FTA.
    They are Human Rights abuses.
    They are sanction Breakers.
    They are Trespassing in other Countries.
    They have no respect for intellectual property owned by others.

    They are war Mongers.

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    No fan of China, but all those accusations apply equally to the Trumpsphere.

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    What would Trump have to gain, considering he does not want a war, he does not want Oil prices to rise, as this makes him less competitive with China.

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    You have a point silvester too many golden arches and Halloween revellers has produced a stupid generation of Australians who 911 in an emergency? FYI shane denying dying Australian cancer patients their legal rights to access medical marijuana treatments is a human rights abuse , anything the Chinese may or may not do to Australians cant be much worse than what the right are already doing to us.

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    Yes and if we are over run with Chinese ,it will get worse.

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    you need top spend some time in Sydney or on the central coast, countless thousands of Chinese residents and tourists are already are among us it makes zero difference to me or them if a criminal is a triad a communist spy or a drug dealing bikie, the facts are bad guys come from all walks of life and are prevalent in all nationalities . There are countless Chinese families in Australia who have lived here 200 years and are Australian as you and I are, the drug war is not going too well the first exports of legal marijuana has been exported overseas from Australia nearly four years since these medicines were legalised in Australia?? Australian cancer patients and war veterans are still being arrested and jailed for using marijuana medicines .

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    Spent plenty of time in Sydney. They now have an Asian Crime squad, they also have a Middle Eastern Crime Squad......he do not see any Australian Crime squads in China ,Vietnam ,Philippines etc etc....tells me a story.

    Also I’m starting to believe the recent Drone attack on Saudi Oil Refineries May have been an inside job.
    Why if Saudi Arabia have been at war with Yenmen for the past 10 years.
    Would they not have their Radar fixed from that direction, to say it was pointing in the wrong direction is BS.
    Also listening to Sam Volkerage on Oil. He claims those refineries were only operating at between 5 and 15% ,and in need of complete refurbishment.
    Maybe an insurance job. At the same time take out Iran as it’s biggest competitor.
    I think Trump believes the same.
    Hence why he told them to throw the first stone in retaliation.

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