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    Bitcoin has had huge gains the last weekend has now broken and has broken the $4k mark. I'm wondering if everyone thinks that this legitimizes Bitcoin as a currency or whether the price is over extended and to expect somewhat of a crash.

    This reminds me when Bitcoin originally broke the $1k mark in 2013 and then crashed soon afterwards. It wasn't until 3 years later that it broke the $1k mark again.

    What everyone's perspective is on BTC, is anyone riding this wave and what do you think is going to happen in the future?


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    You only have to look at that to see how far it is from a major correction. If there is panic selling, will there be enough buyers?
    The two things to consider in a purchase is to try to make a profit AND to try to not lose what you already have. Add that to you should buy low and sell high. Add that to you shouldn't let either feat OR greed persuade your decision.
    Bitcoin is not a real investment. It's a sort of a pyramid Ponzi scheme for suckers.

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    Trendy (Confucius) would probably know a Ponzi scheme if anyone did. He's probably opened his wallet for more than a few in his time.

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    If you cant add anything other than that you should just simply say nothing.
    He is a newbie looking for sensible answers, not stupidity.

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    How are prices changing now, then up and down, I don't know if I will leave the money in cryptocurrencies or exchange it for dollars, what do you think?

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    $22 k target

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    Shorts seller coming in

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    the instos buy in and lend out to the short sellers ( well SOME of them do )

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    In this current environment, shorts looking good ;)

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    take care , the 'house' likes to shift the goal-posts

    ( nice game lending out somebody else's assets )

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    Tell me about it.. Looking at the chart , i see 2022 due to this crazy epidemic. Nasty ztuff

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    Did they delay releasing tg maverick till nov?
    Another goal post move back. Been waiting a long time to see this.

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    is not a pandemic .. assuming there was a genuine virus outbreak initially ( and i am starting to question that recently ) the outbreak has defied all previous knowledge of such outbreaks , remember in less than 18 hours it can travel between London and Australia ( or across the Atlantic ) but not across 2 metres in a restaurant when people are eating

    the masks that are useless against wood-smoke , asbestos and dust work against microscopic viruses , and the list goes on and on and on

    but is NOW ( not 18 months ago ) spreading out of control despite various preventative actions put in place ( in the last six months or more )

    it looks more like trying to put out a fire by spraying gasoline on it

    OR it is a total work of fiction , take a relatively harmless virus everyone has ignored for thousands of years , and amp up the publicity ( the 'trustworthy government ' completely assures us the virus was NOT man-made ).

    cryptos will depend on a communication system operating after the meltdown ( that the cabal don't control completely )

    a bit like trying to trade physical gold after they ban the sale of it to the public ( it will still happen , but very discretely )

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    Doesn't feel like its fiction.
    This is real stuff happening..... Like subs under water u can't see but its there. The deeper u get, the harder it is to breathe.

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