1. 7.2k

    Got back last night after an antiques buy/sell trip to Sydney ...

    Sorting through the booty and discovered an authentic Hermes Constance 23cm 1970's handbag with cloth bag

    Now before you blokes give me a raz ... it was 'picked' for $5 ... care to guess what the selling starting price is?

    Hint: it's multi-bag! :lol: :roll:

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  2. 1.3k

    errr maybe $15- ? :)

    Edit: I just googled it, and noticed one sold in the US for $2700- !! Would you be able to get in the Sydney market maybe $2k ?

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  3. 7.2k

    I'll be selling this at international auction with maximum publicity ... they are rare. The Constance is not the Birkin, but if I asked less than $5000 people would think it was a fake!

    Hermes $10,000 Birkin Purse Seen Leading to Record Sales

    Feb 11, 2013 - For decades, fashionistas have known that a Birkin bag is a safe style bet -- if you can get your hands on one. That demand makes its producer, Hermes International SCA, the surest bet in the luxury industry when it comes to sales growth.

    With waiting lists that can run more than a year for a $10,000 purse, demand for Hermes handbags shows how the Paris- based company, which analysts estimate will report record revenue tomorrow, is capable of determining its own financial performance.

    Unlike LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, which last month reported stagnant revenue growth at its fashion and leather-goods unit, Hermes sales are constrained mainly by manufacturing capacity and the brands own desire to remain exclusive. While the industry will struggle to accelerate growth this year, sales at the very highest end of luxury -- Hermess domain -- are forecast to outperform the rest. That leaves Hermes well-placed to meet estimates with its stable of classic and coveted designs.

    The limit to what Hermes sells is how much it can produce, said Luca Solca, an analyst who heads luxury-goods research at Exane BNP Paribas in London. Revenue is what they decide its going to be.

    Hermes, which in November raised its forecast for 2012 organic revenue growth to more than 13 percent, has met or exceeded its own annual sales target each year since at least 2007. In the past two years, quarterly revenue has increased at a pace ranging 13 percent to 22 percent, at constant exchange rates, compared with 6 percent to 15 percent at LVMH.

    Estimated Earnings

    After a dip last year, Hermes shares have advanced 8 percent in 2013, outperforming a decline in LVMH stock in the same period. Hermes shares have risen 157 percent in the past three years, exceeding gains of 75 percent for LVMH and the almost doubling of Gucci owner PPR SA.

    ... more of this Bloomberg's article at link ...


  4. 1.3k

    Why trade shares when you can participate in "multi-baggers" like this ?

    Keep us informed please - let us know the outcome.

    Good luck with it ! :D

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  5. 71.5k

    then don't leave it anywhere near the ALP , it could be used as an attempted (political) weapon . :lol: :lol: :lol:

    but nice pick-up hope the sale goes well for you

    but handbags ?? i get even collect someone who carries one :D :D

    of course that good be a lucky break .

  6. 71.5k

    but unless you are very good(or lucky) that will only happen once a year .

    i collect to enjoy, use, understand , but M2000 can make a profit as well good for him .

  7. 7.2k

    I posted to educate, amuse and inform ...

    and to give you guys a heads up that if your wife says she's going to buy a Hermes handbag ... be afraid!

  8. 71.5k

    all good here !! but i am sure MANY members will appreciate the lessons in your post , and hopefully be enriched for it , the many (rarely/non posting members do still read about different topics ).

    but the beauty of your article is the example of WHAT is collected and valued .

    not by everybody but enough to make it worthwhile .

    i doubt if the two estates (three if you count the surviving bits of my grandparents) have stuff like that in them but i am still getting through the WW1 and WW2 , stuff

    next. ANZAC Day i should "publish" some poems sent by diggers to my rellie , on T$ ... well two (in my family) thought they were good enough to keep , certainly (imo) worth sharing .

  9. 7.2k

    Obviously enough people are interested in them to make them worth $10,000

    thanks for your opinions (on everything)

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  10. 71.5k

    and thank you for an extra tour into the world of collectibles.

    (and a reminder quality still counts in some places )


  11. 7.2k

    Is this more your speed? :lol:

  12. 71.5k

    my era, but bought a bicycle instead and then on to pamphlet and paper rounds and more (did read them in the newsagents for free though )...

    i might have some "show-bag" stuff from when i worked the RNA (as a news-seller though ... you wouldn't get between me and a bargain the last night of the "Ekka" ).

  13. 71.5k

    that's not ROUGH !! rough is when your attacked by a snake, cat , and a swarm of wasps (amazingly the usual rottie was chained up) .. and returned to base to find the wasp stings have taken the pain out of the badly sunburned neck .. took all the fun out of Xmas Eve (sigh ) up to the hospital for a tetanus shot for the snake bite/cat clawing .

    at least the papers were thin (wouldn't stop a striking snake ) :roll:

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