Border closures.

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    I noticed Queensland Premier says she wouldn't be opening her borders until September.
    September is when the Grey nomads and domestic tourists leave Queensland because winter is over.
    How much money is she going to miss out on from her biggest industry, tourism, if she doesn't allow her domestic counterparts, fellow Australians, into the warm climate of the north for winter ?
    Very few will turn-up for the rest of the year. It's to hot.

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  2. 69.3k

    well i did warn those MNS investors about this state government , it wasn't about the company from me but geopolitical risk

    but goodness knows if she is correct this time

    watch out for the Winter it isn't cold all the time just sharp bursts ( and watch for the show season flus and illnesses )

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    we will be open for Schoolies .. the local drug trade depends on it .. Gold Coast tourism as well

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    Pauline Hanson is not accepting the Queensland premier's border closure decision, based it would seem, entirely on the advice of Chief Health Officer, Jeanette Young.

  5. 3.1k

    And Queensland premiere will be the first to bitch if the feds don't open international tourism in her timeline

  6. 69.3k

    who is the premier again /?

    last i heard half the folks that vote for her still think they are voting for her father

  7. 4.7k

    Qld premier is keeping the border closed till Sept so that when the October State election is on she will brag about the low numbers of COVID-19.

    In her Public Servants bubble, where all are fully employed, she is blind to all the unemployed that will be her legacy as she gets booted out.

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    so who was the international star at an exclusive resort on the Gold Coast in MARCH that helped spread the virus

    did the closed borders fix that .. i think not

    don't test don't tell THAT is how you keep numbers down

    poor sad ALP the only one after Anna Bligh became spokesman for the banks and a burden on Medicare private

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    This is an issue (state border closures) that will have plenty of recognition when it comes to hindsight. When you look at Australia's population, most densely populated states, Vic and NSW naturally enough have the higher number of virus cases and the least populated states have the smallest number of cases.
    A real political play by these finicky smaller states and their little brother complex if you ask me.
    Australia is an island, populated by Australians. I was born in NSW but as a kid we would holiday with relatives in Vic and ACT and also travelled into QLD regularly for holidays. Hitch up the caravan and off you'd go, state borders meant nothing, it was all part of the one land mass, the island, up and down the Pacific coast with occasional jaunts inland.
    Hang about northern NSW these days and there is almost as many QLD number plates as NSW. There's all sorts of roads, entries and exits between Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast and further west, between the two states, that aren't policed. It's not like it's an international airport where travellers have to pass through gates.
    Is closing the border going to make any difference ?

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    Time these small minded states stopped seeing themselves as a separate species and realized the benefits of being Australian.

  11. 69.3k

    LOL the border closures are designed to stop folks from fleeing to a more rational state or nation

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    Is that why the Chinese built the wall, not to keep other people out but to keep their own people in.

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    i probably caught the virus on December i was sick on the 25th to very late February so say i caught it before the 21st ( kind of like the flu but different as well and i normally get over the flu in a week )

    now IF i caught it from a family guest the virus came from Canada ... if i caught it at the local shopping mall it could have been anybody plenty of folks doing Xmas shopping

    but Covid in Brisbane in December .. who knows i certainly hadn't been to Wuhan EVER , and nobody in the shopping mall had Wuhan stickers all over their luggage

    so 'don't test don't look ' kept Australia ignorant ( and me ) i would have gone for an antibody test but even that accuracy is debatable

    and the society here has been dysfunctional for years just a new way to get fined

    but maybe if you get unusually sick from your flu vaccine ( as i did ) maybe you have survived Covid all by yourself .. but the hospital tested for something else i didn't have so am still guessing and researching on my own behalf a day in hospital and a week of anti-biotics until the blood tests come back

    Coronavirus: Mental health problems will now soar

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    Here's another one coming to get us. What if the bushfires are worse next year ?
    How are we going to survive ?

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  16. 993

    We have a sheep carrier in Freo now with crew members with the C-19.

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  17. 69.3k

    the same way as last year send the politicians to Hawaii and start putting out the fire

    the fire is less likely to be so intense in the areas burnt last year

    and hopefully everyone is a little wiser ( and the gear is up to scratch this time )

    maybe the correct military will be assigned to the correct fires

    Navy to Kangaroo Island and beach areas and Army to essential infrastructure and air force into intel gathering , not suicide missions

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    So here's the story of the sheep carrier from Freo !!

    He's a character this WA Premier:
    " Premier Mark McGowan confirmed 6 crew members from the sheep carrier had been " struck down " by the virus."

    " He had a strong message for the Federal Government "
    " My advice to the Prime Minister and Mr Birmingham and everyone else is, WA will be careful and cautious about the health of our citizens "
    " Issues like this and events like this make us wary of bringing down restrictions, in particular the border with the east."

    Was it the eastern states fault that a ship from the middle east was allowed to dock in Fremantle WA.

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  19. 3.3k

    And another death in Queensland attributed to the coronavirus ?
    " the man had a complicated medical history " admits the Chief Health Officer, adviser to the Premier.

    Meanwhile my sister/husband, in NSW, are heading off to the beach this weekend for a couple of weeks as the all clear to travel state wide has been given.

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  20. 69.3k

    am very surprised they could find the man's medical history i had a short stay in hospital a week ago and they couldn't even reliably track back to July 2016 and that has been full of OH SHIT moments .. including 3 months to notice i had major heart issues , 3 months to do an Angiogram , a further 3 months to insert a stent .. i might be the only person in this state to be awarded a disability pension 3 MONTHS before they inserted a stent

    and that was before they noticed the melanomas on the top of my head

    i reckons that virus is just laughing and playing with them

    and BTW i still haven't been tested for Covid just other stuff they can't find

    don't test , don't look

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