Border closures.

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    they cant cure cancer because the conservative idiots clasasified the cure as a drug with no medical benefits , Bidens presidency will be a catastrophe insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, 78% of all Americans think that marijuana should be legal that fact proves that democracy is a lie. Young people need to starve corrupt corporations of money by refusing to drink grog and smoke cigarettes , mass protest is the only way positive change will ever happen in America and around the world.

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    Just aswell TRUMP ensured a treatment for covid-19......history will record this fact although no leftist will agree

  3. 72.2k

    history will record him recovering from dementia after a bewildering win in November 2020

    i bet the Left will not explain that either

    must have been a plagiarism avoidance tactic LOL

    of course if he doesn't actually win .. probably his biggest gaffe

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    Certainly more than just politics keeping the Queensland border closed.
    "She's" allowing capacity crowd into Suncorp stadium but only for "Queens-landers" for state of origin decider.
    "She's only allowing NSW players to fly in for the game and must leave straight afterwards.

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    a good argument for defunding the police

    since the POLICE weren't in pursuit what are we paying them for

    * screw-tube has put an over-18 block on the graphic edition

    i guess the truth shocks

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  7. 3.7k

    They're being payed to guard the border.

    Trouble is though there aren't enough police because of lack of funding, particularly in FNQ where they're being called out for things like domestic violence, break and enter, car theft etc. Mostly aboriginals who have moved into the cities like Townsville, Cairns.

    I've spent a fair bit of time in Cairns during winter, and all the inner suburb buildings, units, homes have their windows barred up. I went passed a Post Office one morning and all the private post office boxes had been ripped open with still mail lying around.

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    Sal arresting non violent drug addicts is the only crime the police in NSW are interested in , dont get robbed assulted raped or murdered in NSW the police here attack the victims of crime to deter them from reporting crime .

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    You've got a brain full of shit Krueger.

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    He makes a good point does Sky reporter Chris Kenny.
    " The only thing infecting Australia's states is 'madness'. "

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    covid madness reefer madness religion are variations of the same lie designed to rob people of their democratic constitutional rights , the lunatics have taken over the asylum .

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    Borders are opening, just in time for this stock to explode...
    NORTH STAWELL MINERALS LTD (NSM) just listed on the ASX. IPO was 50 cents, with 40 million shares on offer.

    Drilling starts late November (All eyes on NSM for an explosive move upwards!!!)
    Share price 43.5 cents.
    Nil Debt
    $20 million cashed up
    2 year drilling campaign
    High Grade Gold Targets

  13. 72.2k

    it is called 'power-mad' look how South Australia rushes to outdo Dictator Dan

    who knows which state premier is next

  14. 3.7k

    Classic bit of madness alright.
    The whole of South Australia locked down, based on a lie from a Pizza worker's story.
    Mt Gambier 450km's away forced into lockdown, just as an example.

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  15. 3.7k

    What are these weird people called Queens-landers.
    Playing with peoples lives.
    Setting up border restrictions to the part of Australia they live in, so businesses cant function, Australians cant travel back and forth in their own country simply out of spite from the labor party which Queens-landers voted in.

  16. 72.2k

    did we vote them in

    am watching the US elections and wondering how much of that happens here

    ballot-harvesting , the dad voting , ACTUAL voters disappear from the role all known to happen here .. and how much more

    watch closely in the US and you will see the ESTABLISHMENT Republicans are neck-deep in election fraud as well

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    You can go on questioning everything that happens in life if you want, but I'll just take the publicized result of the Queensland elections as what happened and the most likely, closest thing to the truth.

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    Here she is Premier " Wank " from Queensland.

    From December 1st.

    " Now is the time, if you live in NSW, come to Queensland, start planning that holiday.
    We would love to have your business. It means jobs for Queenslanders."

    " And as you know: Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next."

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