Border closures.

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    it is an ALP government of course it is doing everything it can to help local workers ( sarcasm )

    and it has happened like that for many years .. i was working in an international hotel in the 1980's and declared myself the 'token Australian ' most of the staff were back-packers , working while on a study visa etc etc , the only other Australian citizen at worker level was a Vietnamese refugee .. but at least he was a legal .. LOL

    and a major cannery in the 1970's the immigration and Federal police used to raid the place every month or two the locals (and legals ) like me would be lucky to work for the whole day .. they used to use a half day+ scheme and that was a ' closed shop ' where every low level worker was allegedly a union member ( the hotel was a closed shop as well )

    i can't tell you about the dole mentality up there maybe there is money to be made selling dope and contraband to tourists

    Slo-Mo taking a strong stand ... LOL

    he is like the idiot rabble-rouser yelling well behind the lines waving an egg in his hands , all Chinese has to do is 'safety certify ' all Australian imports for say 3 months and see if the song changes if Xi really wanted to be nasty all he has to do is stop the Chinese students coming here for a year , and watch the Universities react

    BTW the way do you really think our F-35s can fly to China even with auxiliary fuel pods , if we need to attack China we would need to weaponize the old 747's and 767's and we probably couldn't even afford to buy the Virgin fleet to do that

    if Canberra didn't keep accepting our riff-raff politicians i would vote to secede from the commonwealth and THEN work on a decent state government 'cos the LNP don't have the talent either

    and re the Chinese buying assets .. who is selling them .. Brits , Yanks , Japanese Singaporeans , Europeans , and the occasional Australian owner just pissed off with all the government red and green tape OH OH OH and i forgot the BIG seller THE GOVERNMENT ( when they 'privatize ' taxpayer funded assets )

    BTW keep watch for state and federal elections after they have gloriously defeated the Covid-19

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    You should right fiction stories Sal. Your so called life stories mixed with your imagination, could be a winner.

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    The Australian PM is making a very strong stand against the Chinese and their aggressive takeover of the south China sea and their buying up of Australian assets ?????? the LNP leased the ports of Darwin and Newcastle to the Chinese for the next hundred years and rubber stamped the sale of every cash generating piece of strategic infustructure in Australia .

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    This is July 2020 and Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister.
    Try to keep up to date, will you.

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    both major parties have for decades privatized major assets , often times to foreign interests or to foreign pension funds

    sadly there is not much difference between them there

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    Great news I will take a trip up to the gold coast next week. . .

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