Buy And Hold Investing. Is It A One Size Fits All Solution?

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    now my plan originally was strictly 'buy and hold ' however over the last 10 years several modifications looked sensible

    rescuing ( and recycling ) the investment cash when a stock is in ( what i think is ) excessive profit

    the plan also included an avoidance of draw-downs ( i haven't needed to draw-down YET , but sometime in the future that may be necessary )

    a few stocks ( less than 10 ) i realized were suitable for 'channel-trading ' ( QBE is my main success in this style so far )

    and also over the course of time various company decisions interfere with the 'buy and hold ' plan ( decisions to be taken-over , decisions to delist , move internationally , change the company path into areas i would rather not have investment cash , etc etc )

    but one thing that became absolutely clear to me it was just sensible at times to be flexible and pragmatic , and 'set and forget ' was not for me , some tinkering was needed despite the desire to stick MOSTLY to 'buy and hold '


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