C E L L O S Software... do not post

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    Dear members

    Please note, TopStocks requests that you do not post about the company C E L L O S Software on our forums.

    All posts which mention this company will be deleted and any member who continues to try to post about this company will be suspended from posting in that particular forum again.

    Regards Mod.

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    Dear Mod. I am a shareholder in CellOS. I was wondering why posts have been banned on this name?

    Could you let me know offline please, as i am doing some research on what exactly has been going on.


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  3. 6.9k

    Hi wonderwhy. That post from moderator was back from when the site was moderated by the previous owner. It looks like there was some spammers on the forum at that time. We are happy to let posts resume now and if things flare up again we can deal with them then.

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  4. 78.6k

    one problem with CELLOS ( and Astra Resources )

    was holders and others interested were trying to sell/buy via the web-pages ( public) and not via the PM system .

    the second option was more likely to be tolerated by ASIC and ASX .

    cheers !

  5. 6.9k

    Ah - I see. Sounds like a fun time - sorry I missed it :)

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  6. 78.6k

    wasn't as bad as Astra Resources ... most of the holders were polite enough , but no too sure how ASIC and ASX stands in open haggling on non-ASX listed shares

    LNC was tolerated because several T$ members went on the SGX adventure ( i chose not to ) and in theory several still hold . ( and i don't remember any LNC holders trying to trade shares in the public threads )

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