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    Hey Guys,

    Just linked to that C@ Prospectus from the banner. Heard this will be a damn good IPO. Its a speccy (20c), its got a free option with every two shares. It looks tight as hell too, under 30m shares on offer after the issue. These guys are consolidating the independants in the optometry market so they can compete with OPSM and the likes. The margins in the industry are huge. They should make good cash with the direct route to market that they've secured. This one will be a very attractive takeover target for luxottica. They'll buy this one out like they have every other optom. There's not much scrip to apply

    Anyone else getting on board?

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    Is the opsm on asx, what is the code

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    OPSM used to be listed. They went off the boards when they were taken over by Luxottica Group ( a massive Italian multinational). OPSM traded really well when they were on the board..when they delisted i think they had a P/E around 20. Which raises another good point...C@ will be the only listed optometry group.

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    Liquid Trader.. The TopStocks home page says you are one of the newsest members and this is your first post.

    Welcome to the forum. Make sure you go to the newbies section and tell us a bit about yourself if you like.

    Btw, do you have any association with C@ or Marketech? You've given them a pretty big plug above?

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    having a pe of 20 isn't always as good... most analyst sometimes states that such a high ratio is unsustainable in the long term?

    hmm... i might ask around.... sis used to work at opsm, maybe still does =P

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    yeah see what you can find out. I wonder if they've heard of it yet

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    nah....just read it before i even signed up..keen to get postin!

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    i'll contact some optom friends and ask their opinion about C@. hope they know something about them.

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    it's a pretty good idea.... maybe i should do something like that.. get a ipo and buyout the independents

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    liquid, what was OPSM price before it got delisted? and the reason why they delisted?

    product looks good... don't you think it is sort of one of a kind? i wear glassess, l need them so don't mind getting into this. i like their research on the population that will need glasses and so forth... might go thru the prospectus again tonight.

    the brands they mentioned seems a bit obscure for me... pardon my ignorance.... but i think glasses will be a need in the future.

    one optom friend contacted me and said she knows nothing about them. two more to go.

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    same.. my sis didn't know anything about it... oh wellz...

    nothing new i guess...

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