Climate Change is a Lot of Hot Air

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    Temperatures in the artic this summer are 8 to12 degrees above average droughts bushfires and artic peat moss fires are common , the facts are overpopulation and deforestation is killing the environments all living things rely on top survive.

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    ### the facts are overpopulation and deforestation is killing the environments all living things rely on top survive.###
    So can we say C-19 is helping us with the overpopulation????

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    C-19 is NOT helping us with over-population , hospital admissions for heart disease and cancer are down 48% and infant deaths are down 30%

    i would assume deaths via aircraft and motor vehicle accidents have plummeted as well

    however pollution is down because global productivity is down

    C-19 seems to be the miracle cure for medical negligence and probably crimping big Pharma profits as well

    could the environment be saved by not making so much useless and meaningless shit like lattes and manicures ,, sun-tanning and body-shaping , night-clubs , business conferences , football games etc etc etc

    and if recent performances are judged more than 90% of government

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    plenty of hot air forming and this time it is not Trump , America Is on track to notch up their hottest summer on record and most of them absolutely believe covid science and refuse to believe climate science as they are baking in 100 plus degree temperatures

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    BUT BUT with the US economy shut down because of Covid you can't blame pollution , indeed much of the global economy is shut-down , even wars seemed to have stopped ( sarcasm )

    how can this be

    is climate change really natural

    100 degrees they should turn off the aircon and get out more aah wait then you would be breaking Covid curfews LOL

    remember it is OK to riot but NOT work

    welcome to Democrat hell where you become just as lazy and useless as the Democrats while living on free-money

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    The facts are that the republicans are in office blaming the opposition for what is going on makes no sense , the buck stops with Trump who will be a fifty fifty chance in November regardless of how many billions of coronavirus assistance he hands out to various cronies.

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