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    If you have ever wondered why people say “Pauline Hanson has the guts to say what we are thinking”, then you should probably take a look at this speech from Senator Hanson.

    Much of the time in Parliament this week was spent lamenting the failures of the “Closing the Gap” program.

    Some blamed the Government, some blamed white Australians, some blamed racism, the list went on.

    It took Senator Hanson to point out that among the politicians pointing the finger and spreading the blame, no one had suggested that perhaps some indigenous communities need to reflect on what they could be doing to close the gap themselves.

    Cue the outrage!

    Labor and Greens politicians jumped to their feet with their tired old shrieks of racism and bigotry.

    Countless media articles came the next day decrying the evils of Senator Hanson’s words.

    But we have seen this all before.'

    Watch the video below:

    Pauline Hanson speaks the truth that no one in our LNP/ALP uselessness - wants to hear. By the way, where is everyone else in the room? No interest? Gone to where they can speak in private to their Chinese handlers and future job sponsors?

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