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    Hi All,

    email recieved today,

    Dear Raider,

    Discontinuation of Professional Trader

    on 31 January 2009

    CommSec has recently undertaken a comprehensive review of Professional Trader, to ensure that our clients continue to receive the highest quality trading experience. After listening to client feedback, CommSec has made the decision to replace ProTrader with a new and enhanced trading platform, CommSecIRESS.

    We are now writing to advise that with the launch of CommSecIRESS, access to Professional Trader 1 and 2 will discontinue after 31 January 2009.

    For more information on CommSecIRESS, visit and select 'Tools & Support' then 'Trading Tools > CommSecIRESS'

    If you have any queries about CommSecIRESS or your account, please call us on 13 15 19 between 8am to 8pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday.

    We look forward to providing you with the leading services, products and tools to meet your cash management and investing needs.

    Yours sincerely,


    Nothing wrong with pro trader imo, now they want to hit you below the belt in times of trouble.

    What are your thoughts on this.


    I think we are being >>>>

  2. 9.3k

    What absolute rubbish this is... cannot see your own orders in market depth, cannot distinguish between individual buyers/sellers in market depth... single monitor only... no available to trade balances...and the list goes on...

    Now the most amateur of all Aussie broker 'pro' platforms...

  3. 7.3k

    Webiress is the service provider Coy name, whose name is used for the trading platform to All aust brokers running live streaming market data (I.T.S) intergrated trading system from the webiress .I suggest to compete with Belldircts first and only generic broker @1/2 price fees Commsec has offered free trading platform and for commercial reasons wish there clients to pay rental monthly fees,

    The platform Commsec clients are currently using for live streaming data according to the ASX , clients are now going to pay for what was before free only the trading platform is repackaged.

    The identical services in U.S. costs around $7.95 to $10 a trade,and IMHO the more that switch over and incurr inconvience in a whole new set up to Belldirect the more competion is created.

    Again I recieve my free live market data from QT and execute trades with Belldirect.$15 a trade and no monthly rental fees although Belldirect offer a full trading platform, and is the only online application.

    Note QT attatches to a brokers home page for data, so close the trading platform , but not account.


  4. 9.3k

    The issue is how amateur the 'new' pro platform is to other Iress platforms... not too mention 'older' P1 and P2...

    Imagine not being able to break down individual market depth buys/sells to see the props/caps... nor see your own orders in the depth... and Comsuc have the nerve to call this 'improved'... simply giving their 'T+3ers' a worse platform to make more mistakes and be fleeced...

  5. 1.1k

    I use WebIress which is provided by another brokker other than Commsec. I can tell you the whole institutional market uses a the iress product and is really pretty good. only better is bloomberg and reuters, but they cost US$25k p.a.

  6. 3.0k

    Nope - disagree. ProTrader 1 is MUCH better, for several reasons.

    WebIRESS is written in Java, so the first problem is that it does NOT scale up nicely onto high resolution monitors. I run 1920x1200 on the laptop and the same on a 24" secondary monitor. Iress looks terrible on these, with font-smoothing trying to scale the characters up, and not working at the monitor's native resolution.

    The faults outlined by a previous poster are also bad, including the problems with the market depths and not being able to see your own order.

    ProTrader 2 is a pile of cr*p, that was written in-house by CommSec, because they didn't like paying the fees to Paritech for PT1. Now, it seems, the contract with Paritech has run out, and Commsec have made "a business decision" to terminate ProTrader 1 and 2, and move to Iress on a fully-paid basis. Or else be forced into making 8 trades a month when market forces may be telling you to sit on the sidelines.

    I've been on the phone to CommSec about this several times already. They say they are listening to their clients, but I have yet to find a client who is happy with the move.!

    Iress won't run on the Mac, it won't run in Firefox 3.0.5 on my PC, and it requires Internet Explorer (insecure load of rubbish that it is) plus the full Java runtime package.

    I'm actively looking for alternatives, including checking out Paritech's own Pulse platform, which is ProTrader by another name. It's just a question of how much it will cost, plus how easy it is to link it to my existing CommSec trading account. If these are minor obstacles, then I'll be changing to that platform.

    The bits of Iress that I've seen and played with so far are woeful on high res screens, and I really enjoy my PT1. It ain't broke, so don't fix it.

    If anyone else feels the same way, may I suggest you contact CommSec NOW - before the 31st is upon us - and complain long and loud that you want ProTrader to continue.

    Let them know that we're NOT happy, and that they should be listening to their clients - not just SAYING that they're listening.

  7. 2.2k

    NS - What's the problem running Iress with Firefox 3.05 ?? Just curious if it doesn't run at all or if you're unhappy with some aspect. Etrade Iress seems to work fine for me with Firefox.

  8. 7.3k

    I suggest NS that you are running the wrong programmes that were not designed specifically for monitor screen functioning and webbiress with the lap top. I am very limited to pc techs, but just completed my first hard drive and OS changes yesterday, it appears to run webiress "get,adode reader" is all that is reqired and Java is for other purposes cant remember,in any event NS you appear to be always with problematic PC's.and probably need to start an OS from scratch.

    A dedicated trading platform with all provisions and functions is manditory , you know NS anything less give it a wide bearth.

    I reiterate that originally it was Belldirects techs in the 90's who set the standard for designs and functioning of the majority of aust brokers, have a play around with belldirects home page ,IMHO take a litle time to explore , brilliant, and outstanding and that's free but never ever ask me what standard of services any Broker offers I amy cuss as Belldirect click has not functioned unless repeated

    I hope you sort out the cosmetics Nightstalker.

    PS NS Java run an automated scan to tell us whether or not the correct download has been installed

  9. 3.0k

    Meta4 - running Firefox 3.0.5 under XP, going to run the demo of CommSecIRESS fails. Every time. I've been onto the techs at CommSec, tuned my Java settings, made sure I have the latest Java runtime, and increased the memory allocated to Java. I have also cleared out the Firefox cache, all temp files, and restarted Firefox. All to no avail - it refuses to run. It works under the previous version of Firefox - 3.0.4. But so far I have been unable to get it to run under 3.0.5

    And the tech at CommSec couldn't get it to run on his either. He'd always used IE. Hadn't tried Firefox

    Matross, old mate - I'm very computer capable, and have set up countless systems, having been into conputers since 1975. I've programmed in raw machine code, assembler code, Forth, C+, and C++

    I've installed and used Windows in all its forms, Mac OS X, and Linux in several different distros.

    And I know the difference between Java and Javascript.... ;)

    So I'm not sure what you mean when you tell me I'm running the wrong programs for my laptop screen. All LCD screens run best at their NATIVE resolution - in other words, the exact number of pixels they have. Any different resolution will result in "fuzzy" text characters, for example, as they are scaled up or down using font smoothing. This looks like crap on an LCD monitor. Anything that is different from the native resolution will look like crap. And WebIRESS does NOT run at the native resolution of high res screens! It's as simple as that. It is written in Java, and seems to be scaled to 1280 x 1024 screens, which is medium resolution, and probably the native res for 17 and 19" monitors.

    Not sure what you mean by "NS you appear to be always with problematic PC's.and probably need to start an OS from scratch". I've installed and set up more OSs and systems than you've probably had hot dinners. My PCs cause NO problems. Neither does my MacBook Pro. Nor my Linux machines. But WebIRESS does - it looks like crap!

    I agree with your idea that a dedicated trading platform is mandatory - and I'm using one. ProTrader. The best one I've found so far.

    Yes, WebIRESS is a dedicated trading platform, but it is NOT as good as ProTrader - and that is the whole point. CommSec have an excellent platform in ProTrader - but they're changing it for no GOOD reason, for an inferior platform.

    And I know you seem like an evangelist for BellDirect - but they are NOT the right broker for what I'm looking for.

    I have been perfectly happy with CommSec and ProTrader, but this latest move may well be a deal breaker for me. Paritech's Pulse platform is the same as ProTrader (which is written by Paritech) but I need to see what sort of deal I can get before switching away from CommSec.

    And even running under Internet Explorer, I still hate IRESS....

  10. 15.5k

    LOL NightStalker

    RE your comments

    Yes, WebIRESS is a dedicated trading platform, but it is NOT as good as ProTrader - and that is the whole point. CommSec have an excellent platform in ProTrader - but they're changing it for no GOOD reason, for an inferior platform.

    Totally agree , PLAT runs Protrader no problems , why change it no reason other than some one at Commsec has decided without consultation with its client base.

    Go NS give them a serve PLAT has already voiced concern


    PLAT :shock

  11. 7.3k

    Ideally Doc we have disscussed technically the PC is for market trading only, NS you take your lap top to work, so what other functions is the toptop being used for ?

    Why firefox ive no problems with windows XP .

  12. 394

    I'm loving Quotetracker at the moment, I'm hoping that Westpac's live data is useable since its free!

    More Aussie brokers need to support QT in my opinion.

  13. 378


    I believe that the paritech's pluse platform will cost us around $118 per month.

    I would like to see it running, as I too use Metastock, and to have it live would be great.

    At the moment I use dataHQ as my provider but you can only get snapshots ($35pm), dataHQ's data is very acurate, and you would be supprised the difference it makes on some of the indicators.


  14. 3.0k

    Hi Raider :)

    Yes - those prices for Paritech's Pulse platform do include training packages and other stuff though. I've spoken to them today, and will be calling them back tomorrow to see if I can get a deal whereby I only pay for the Pulse platform.

    I use AmiBroker for charting, and Premiumdata for data. It too is highly accurate, and is fully maintained at the server - no need for database maintenance, such as name or code changes, new codes, deletions, splits, consolidations, etc etc - it all happens at their end at the server automatically. They supply data in many formats - I use the Metastock format as that is what I'm using in AmiBroker.

    Highly recommended.

    But - we're talking apples vs oranges here. ProTrader, WebIRESS, Pulse, etc are all realtime trading platforms. Metastock, AmiBroker, and the like are charting packages - quite different.

    There is some crossover function between the two (Trading platforms do charts, and charting packages can be made to run realtime data but won't do trades, for example).

    MWAAAHHHHHH - I want my ProTrader back..!!! :(


  15. 378

    NightStalker I'm with you,


    A great program..........Stop screwing us!

    :evil: :evil:

  16. 378

    NightStalker let us know how you go with the Pluse $$$$


  17. 7.3k

    Mates be particularly vigilant trading wise around the time of switching over platforms Commsuc (all)are known to have the initial changeover phase as an untried experiment requiring feedback from paying genie pig clients to fine tune the trading glitches :roll:

  18. 378

    Willdo matross, thanks for the warning.

  19. 3.0k

    Raider - call CommSec. Write to them. Email them. And do it now or tomorrow. Next week will be too late.

    The more people that let them know that we want ProTrader to continue, the better. It may do no good, but at least they can't claim that the "clients want the change".....!

  20. 7.3k

    If I may enquire NS not being a Commsuc client isnt'the issue solely about booting clients off a free platform to a paying monthly rental platform of $80

  21. 3.0k

    That's part of the story, Matross, but the main story is that WebIRESS is not as powerful or as capable as ProTrader 1, in several areas.

    It also looks like crap on high res monitors, as mentioned before.

    It also requires Internet Explorer and Java to run, without any adblocking stuff running. In other words - insecure.

    If it were as good or better than ProTrader, looked good, was at least as easy to use, and ran on its own secure platform like ProTrader does (in other words - not in a web browser) - then I'd have no problem paying for it.

    Obviously I'd prefer to continue getting free access - who wouldn't? But if the product was better than the current one, then paying for it would be at least warranted.

    To make a unilateral decision to cease a perfectly fine system, and then make us use an inferior system AND pay for it - THAT is the problem.

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