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    Woolworths and Qantas needs to be blacklisted for sacking thousands of workers during an economic catastrophe, the A.B.C. wont be reporting actual news anymore soon all news will be fox propaganda that unemployed Trump and Morrison supporters will have the rest of their lives to listen to in the desperate hope of winning a cash prize . The age of master servant is upon us millions of desperate poor people who will do anything for a dollar , fear has enabled changes that are much more dangerous than any contagion . .

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    IF they don't sack them, they will go broke, simple.

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    both were having troubles BEFORE the virus came along to provide a convenient excuse

    and it is not impossible both will go broke anyway despite government assistance

    one might note SCP invests in shopping complexes anchored by either Woolworths OR Coles stores so even that property trust saw the need to diversify major tenants

    BWP exists happily with complexes anchored by Bunnings outlets ( not even owning OfficeWorks sites )

    ( i hold WOW WES , COL BWP and SCP )

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    You make a good point the companies and corporations that serve shareholders and influence government policy are not interested in social responsibility , Woolworths workers are being replaced by robotics . The corporate slime who have been robbing us blind for years are having a field day and all of these pricks have their hands out for taxpayer welfare which they are using to kick taxpayers out of their jobs . .

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    ### workers are being replaced by robotics###

    So true, they are never late for work, work 24/7, never go on strike, can work in the hot or cold, not in any union, so who would hire if you had the choice??.

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    LOL who would work for Woolworths if a similar job was offered elsewhere

    i worked for Woolworths circa 1972 and when talking to folks only one preferred working for Woolwoths over Coles when they had worked for both

    part of the problem is the corrupted unions but when even former middle management prefer Coles the problem is more than just dud unions , take the journey of a management prospect Greg Foran , after being overlooked at Woolworths he went to a nice job at Walmart rising to CEO , after a stint at Walmart he decided to return home and become CEO at Air New Zealand

    meanwhile the current Woolworths CEO rose to the top via the liquor arm , which Woolworths is now busy trying to divest .. it's last consistently profitable arm ... LOL

    i wonder if robots can answer job satisfaction surveys

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    Takes class warfare to a whole new level , my brick fence wont protect me from the social decay that will occur as millions of unemployed homeless hungry angry disaffected Australians are increasingly displaced , hungry people don't stay hungry for long they very quickly throw all morals aside , millions of young Australians are already destitute and they will blame someone for their situation , there are no benefits for any older Australians either most of them are now odds on certainties to be robbed by their unemployed friends neighbours and families .

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    hungry people ???

    the politicians have already for the most part thrown all morals to the waste-heap of memories

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    Fear is a powerful weapon, fear of drugs has been used for a hundred years to keep the conservatives in office and after a hundred years of non stop lying we are supposed to believe they are suddenly concerned about peoples health ???? i heard that our hospitals are paid 35000 for every case of covid they treat .

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    in New York it went up to $US 52,000 per 'Covid " patient put on a ventilator

    there is no extra benefit to having that patient survive .. so being put on a ventilator in New York resulted in an 80% plus mortality rate whereas the mortality rate was only 50% in Italy .. the drug cocktail needed to keep you on a ventilator is very dangerous ( more so than general anesthesia )

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    "Here’s today’s — just today’s — news. Coronavirus has hit a fresh all-time high in America. Meanwhile, 1.5 million people filed for unemployment. And the death toll in America? 120,000 dead and counting.
    What do those three grim, horrific facts tell you? Here’s what they tell an economist like me.
    America is in freefall."
    ... more ...

    OK ... while politicians are discussing whether we'll have a W or a V ... its looking more like we'll have a И ... the market could easily lose 50% from here imo.

    The second wave seem inevitable ... unless the economists, politicians & media start selling the idea of acceptable mortality rates - kiss your grandparents & parents goodbye - the economy as we knew it, is gone. Idiocracy here we come.

    We need a good world war, just to take everyone's mind off how shit the world is. Cull the covidiots.

    Pessimistic rant over, my good news is my vegie garden has gone ballistic ... ordering a 2nd chest freezer now just to cope with the glut of produce & ensure we don't have to go out for another year, if at all. Aquaponics system is in producing perch, seed saver's network organised, local biodynamic beef producer now trading beef & pork for vegetables & fish.

    I feel sorry for city folks right now.

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    from a SMS from a friend the virus has now been detected in Spain March 2019 however there was no source to that info given

    so let's assume September 2019 in France is the earliest confirmed date that implies the second wave has largely passed by

    so IF this was already wave two and we can't prove that because testing is still mostly a farce , the recent wave have been made look more lethal because of cytokine storm effects , what are the amplifying effects .. now HIV should be a slam dunk BUT no-one seems to be interested in researching .... so what about Dengue Fever which is well known for the Cytokine storm reaction and Covid .. seems no research there either

    Covid after surviving SARS some research but it is being attacked by BIG Pharma 9 who couldn't make a successful vaccine for SARS in the past 18 years ( none for the much older HIV either )

    what about Covid infection in malaria ridden areas .. that should hint or disprove the effects of HCQ , SEEMS NO RESEARCH THERE EITHER ....
    Vitamin D in the reduction of infection severity .. well the evidence is mounting there but not one government that i have seen send out , say two months supply of Vitamin D even to nursing homes

    it seems to be with the exception of some Asian nations , that no avenue to mismanage this virus has been avoided

    in fact if the virus was a human invader our leaders would now be charged with treason and/or negligence

    are the citizens on their own absolutely

    what we need is an intense review of our 'highest level medical experts ' hint following the money trail will make that much easier , should snag some politicians on the way

    acceptable mortality rates .. they say .. well that works both ways the poor might decide to reduce the very high net-wealth folks .. so many assets so few people to loot to get it

    Immunology 101: The Basics and Introduction to our Patient

    maybe these Russian guys might show us some options

    PS and that is just when they are having fun

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    as one wise arse said ... what if humans are the virus & covid-19 is the cure?

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    don't panic .. as soon as the lock-downs are eased suicides will increase again , maybe it will be a wave of Democrats

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    Why Is My Serology Negative But I had Symptoms?

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    'don't panic .. as soon as the lock-downs are eased suicides will increase again , maybe it will be a wave of Democrats'

    Might be a wave of Republican suicides too. Those that voted for 'President' Trump. He managed to kill.....50X more Americans....

    Than Bin Laden.

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