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    Unravelling Victorian 'COVID farce' just got crazier

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    Why are security guards doing a police job ?? a security guard is about as professional as you would expect for whatever you are paying them , many have a limited understanding of why people are in quarantine and some have no regard for the safety of Australian communities they are being paid to protect , the tab for the hotels and associated costs should be being picked up by the bludgers in quarantine , the dole bludgers and horny security guards in these hotels are having a grand old time all paid for by taxpayers who can never repay the trillion dollar covid debt . .

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    ###Why are security guards doing a police job###

    Cheap as chips to run, copers cost money to train and run.

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    you might EXPECT a security guard to be a trained professional , and some of them are that .. trained professionals

    HOWEVER sometimes a firm with lower integrity will just hire' bodies ' some concerts and sports events are like that .. over 120 kg and still can touch your toes and you can be on the gate .. ETC

    since the Vic. government hired private security , maybe following the money trail might help , security firms that rely heavily on out-souring are taking a BIG gamble ... much can go wrong whether a concert , party and securing a quarantine area .. chances are they didn't even get proper protection gear there most of the time ,
    the OTHER problem is likely to be a lack of properly trained police available for a quarantine area ( or say a women's dorm at a University )
    remember Andrew nut-job supported a large rally not so long back .. and then there was a Grand Prix before that

    he has been begging for a crisis to leverage his popularity

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    .... "Months ago the national emergency cabinet recommended quarantine for returning travellers and it was a masterstroke.
    It has helped Australia to the relatively strong positon it now enjoys. The states were offered highly trained military teams to take charge of the hotels. These people are so good some of the rest of the world has been lining up to learn their methods.
    NSW accepted and no cases were transferred into the community. Victoria rejected that and we are in trouble.
    It is that simple.
    Nobody knows why Victoria did this. Instead, we brought in private security firms - some reportedly with poorly trained, sloppy staff.
    There are claims of fraternising between security and people in quarantine. There are claims one guard would go from mixing with quarantined people to driving an Uber for the general public.

    The premier, Daniel Andrews, refuses to say how this happened.
    He has been asked why he rejected the military. No reply. He has been asked who decided what, and hides behind an inquiry he has ordered.
    It is evasive political nonsense.
    The inquiry may not even look at the responsibility of the politicians, instead focusing on the "agencies".
    But it is not time for heads to roll. That can happen later.
    It is time to win trust by being straight with the public and that is something this Victorian government finds impossible.
    Meanwhile, in the danger areas, 10,000 people have refused to be tested.
    They are believing weird conspiracy theories, such as the test can be used to collect DNA and track down criminals or tax evaders, or that the virus itself is some sort of overblown conspiracy and it doesn't really exist. ........ "

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    What else can you expect from a Premier that tells lies, like "no commercial hydrocarbons onshore Victoria", and regarding the East West Link, "the contract not worth the paper it's written on", but then costing taxpayers $1.2 billion for no new road.

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    i disagree , the closure of borders was haphazard and flawed AND LATE , remember those Chinese students sent to Thailand for a short holiday BEFORE being allowed into Australia

    i reasonably suspect i caught the virus in December last year POSSIBLY from an Australian citizen returning from Canada ( who has never been to China .. but even in February it was almost impossible to get a test here because i haven't ever been to the mainland China

    IN FACT i suspect the major wave swept through Australia BEFORE March , and most people had no or barely noticeable symptoms , sadly i am classed as 'high risk ' and went through 2 unpleasant months but with so many previous dead classed as pneumonia or flu victims is Australia going to re-check autopsies done in the last 12 months ( like France did )

    personally i think Australia's response was a clown-show only equaled by the UK

    maybe the lack of available ventilators saved more than government actions

    but i cannot see how any East Coast premier ( or the four-eyed clown in Canberra ) did anything during the crisis so far to be proud of .. and that includes the antics of Peter Dutton

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    Macrolides - Azithromycin

    ICU Doctor: Top 10 Things I learned Treating Coronavirus Patients | COVID-19

    Clinical Trials and Research News Weekly Roundup | S2 E27 | WHO and Ivermectin

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    some alternate concepts to ponder

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    Coronavirus update: The latest news from around the world | DW News

    dodgy test kits //

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    No one has a clue what is going on or why , ask Pauline about freedom of speech she has just been banned from channel nine IMO every Australian should ban all programs on channel nine.

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    i rarely watch TV now

    you don't need to ban if fewer and fewer people watch a program or channel , the advertisers soon work out it is not worth advertising on that media

    once the AD revenue dries up so do the corporate salaries , no easy jobs for the greedy and no more management , TRUE economics is a powerful weapon in a real capitalist society , what we have is the worst of both worlds and trying for the fast gain ( probably borrowed too much to make the clown-show into an empire )

    about the only lot that work for free are Uni. radicals , and compared to the corporate Socialists in some media that MIGHT be a better thing

    old Kerry Packer must be laughing in his grave over the current NINE/Fairfax management .

    Fairfax and TEN should have merged under Gina .. it would have been far right but closer to honest about it all ( and screw the pinko/Greeno journos )

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    " The primary risks for future spillover of zoonotic diseases are deforestation of tropical environments and large-scale industrial farming of animals, specifically pigs and chickens at high density. We are at a crisis point. If we don't radically change our attitudes towards the natural world, things are going to get much, much worse. What we are experiencing now will seem mild by comparison."

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    Deforestation in Australia has already destroyed 90% of the forests that once existed on mainland Australia and the remaining remnants of crown owned forest that still exist are being fragmented and sold off to enable illegal logging to occur at a faster rate than ever . The LNP are destroying Australia's environment's and our economy, people need forests and the truth is that hemp should have been providing fibre to make junk like advertising catalogue's napkins paper bags etc etc etc a decade ago , corporations like Myer Coles Woolworths Kmart have a business model that is predicated on destroying the environment, if the current rate of environmental destruction continues in ten years time there will be no more pristine forest environments on mainland Australia .

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    How much more forest are you going to have to clear to grow your hemp plantations.
    You have no answers Krueger. You just winge and bitch.

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    Hemp plantations could be grown on private land, farm land, without clearing more land.
    And I agree with Krueger with this one .
    On google maps you can see the limited amount of timbered bush land, ie, left around Yackandandah, Vic, ...... the American company Hancocks have pine plantations surrounding the State and National Parks area, there are 4 WD vehicles, (that have smashed down road blocks to steep tracks), motor bikes, people with dogs, push bike and walking tracks all throughout the natural environment that is left, with wild life being forced out as well.
    A real pity.
    Too many people.

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