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    Global increases

    as if anyone believes the WHO anymore

    adding 'confirmed ' to US figures will no longer impress anyone either after the last 3

    months of manipulation and of course Fauchi adds extra credibility as well ..LOL

    Coronavirus Pandemic Update 94: Inhaled Steroids COVID-19 Treatment; New Pneumonia in Kazakhstan?

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    Herd Immunity, Antibodies, Remdesivir

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    We knew it was coming. Australia chose this course of action. Unlike New Zealand, National Cabinet settled on containing the virus – not eliminating it. That meant a shorter initial lockdown but it also means recurring lockdowns.

    With Melbourne back in isolation and the rest of the nation holding its collective breath, we’re getting a sense of exactly what this entails.

    Is anywhere safe? Is it inevitable that the virus will return to your community?

    “It is possible there has already been seeding of infection to other states, and silent epidemic growth which has not yet been detected,” warns Professor Riana MacIntyre of the UNSW Kirby Institute. “I would not be surprised to see epidemics detected in NSW and other states within the next few weeks. People all over Australia must accept the gravity of the situation and play their part.”

    The virus is entrenched in Victoria’s community.

    “The situation we are in is more serious than late March, because we have community transmission, which is much harder to track than infection in returned travellers,” Prof MacIntyre says.

    Now, it could come from anywhere. It could be a doorknob. It could be a poorly ventilated bar. It could be from the queue at the checkout. It could be in a hug or kiss from family or friends.

    Worse, you probably won’t know you’ve got it for about 10 days. Sometimes, you may be carrying and spreading the virus without knowing at all. Which, experts say, it’s highly likely COVID-19 has already piggybacked Australia’s recent relaxations of restrictions across state borders.

    “As a country we need to close this down as much as is practically possible so we can reduce the infection across the rest of Australia,” says CSIRO Health and Biosecurity director Dr Rob Grenfell.

    “The virus hotspots we’re seeing now is something that we knew was coming, and it could easily be another part of the country or state in this position. We need to remain vigilant against this virus given how persistent it is in the environment.”

    “We are in a situation that we will get further clusters.

    “How we respond and quickly we respond to these clusters is critical.”

    But, there’s a problem. Australia’s population, politicians and businesses are lockdown weary.

    “Since we ‘tasted’ some freedoms with opening cafes, restaurants and schools going back – it now becomes more difficult to return to lockdown,” warns Professor Jayashri Kulkarni of the Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre.

    “There could be fear of a never-ending lockdown – which leads to an increased sense of panic. There could be envy of other States in Australia not in lockdown, and embarrassment of being the ‘pariah’ State. And then we have the issues we faced in lockdown last time – anxiety, depression, increased domestic violence – all affecting women more than men.”

    Making matters worse, isolation isn’t being applied equally this time.

    “In one study, it was estimated that if 80 per cent of the population was wearing masks consistently, it would be more beneficial than a strict lockdown,” says University of Melbourne epidemiologist Dr Alex Polyakov.

    “Out of the three strategies that are effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19, namely: social distancing, handwashing and mask-wearing, it is the widespread wearing of masks that is likely to be most beneficial.”

    Are quarantine lockdowns worth it? The social cost is high. The economic cost is high. The mental cost is high.

    The Grattan Institute argues "there’s still hope for Australia to eliminate the virus within its shores. If it locks down hard and long".

    Some experts say it will take three to five years before this cycle of outbreak and containment is broken – and even then only if a vaccine is found and made widely available. Which makes the idea of elimination more appealing.

    “Pursuing an elimination strategy will require leadership. It will require lockdowns to be extended, so that they continue even when local transmission is nearly gone,” the Grattan Institute researchers argue.

    It’s not without risk, they write, but the goal would be to “eliminate the virus from Australia and restore domestic economic and social activity to almost-normal, while controlling our borders until there is a vaccine or a cure”.

    P.S. I agree with above article - if we are to eliminate Covid-19 from Australia, we must be willing to go into 'severe lockdown' for as long as it takes along with everyone wearing masks/maintaining necessary hygiene requirements etc. only then may we have a "good chance" of eventually getting on top of this virus.
    Victoria is currently dealing with 1484 active cases of coronavirus, including 57 people in hospital. Of those, 16 are in intensive care. - intensive care beds in Melbourne are already at 85% capacity which spells huge problems as simply hospitals not able to cope with demand etc.

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    57 people equals 85% of Melbourne hospital capacity ???

    O-M-G quick ... cancel all football and cricket games IMMEDIATELY they will overwhelm the hospital system WITH SPORTING INJURIES and drunken fights

    there is only ONE cluster in Melbourne it is a cluster of stupidity in the state parliament house

    because if you think 85 sick people would overwhelm the hospital system in much less populous Brisbane .. you are as dumb as dirt

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    PS . and there goes the last of the credibility the Grattan Institute had as well .. maybe they could get an income in stand-up comedy

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    With more than a 100 "cluster outbreaks" active in the Melbourne region.. the worst is yet to come. Many hospital staff are unfortunately getting infected daily and inside word from a family member (head nurse in one of the major hospitals) is that not many intensive care beds/units etc. are available as we speak - things are about to get uglier down here 😂 Hope I'm wrong.

    P.S. Know quite a few people who were supposed to have surgery over these past week's/coming month who have since been told "it's cancelled/to be rescheduled" due to Covid-19.

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    where is the preemptive vitamins and zinc , and give the folks a good chance of a lesser infection ..

    this ISN'T a big $$$ solution

    there is no xcus fo Melbourne hospitals to be under-prepared noe

    IT IS JULY FFS 4 bloody months warning even if you count for March when Mr Magoo started to do something what do they need an invite for the queen

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    Walnuts and oats are good sources of vitamins that are vital for a properly functioning immune system , New Zealand are in the enviable position of being one of the best governed and most democratic nations on earth , Magoo is still flying in people from overseas who are infected with covid zero covid cases will never happen in Australia, NZ has to be one of the most desired nations on earth for people to immigrate to and given the economic circumstances in Australia a reverse mass migration of kiwis would not surprise me as high paying jobs become available in hemp and countless multiple industries that legal dope will enable.

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    Doctors and Nurses Betrayed Patients - and Themselves

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    Dethklok-Murdertrain A Comin (HQ)

    coming soon to the New York Government and other selected states and the UK Government

    lets see if they beg for public executions

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    NSW records 14 new COVID-19 cases I SBS News

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    " The US continues to report fresh highs of daily new infections. However, the seriousness of the infection is falling. Hospitalisation rates...has trended down since April, " said Kim Mundy with the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney, in an analyst note. " The upshot is the surge in infections does not give the full story. And it suggests the US is learning to live with the disease."

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    they are testing more and like in Australia they are no longer only testing people seeking medical help , they are more often testing people in the 'normal ' population

    SO IN THEORY cases should be up but deaths proportionately should be down

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    Victoria warns of additional restrictions if COVID-19 rules are not followed I SBS News

    LOL this was SERIOUS in JANUARY .. but we kept the borders open let in international students , had a Grand Prix even had 'Black lives Matter ' protests but NOW it is all our fault

    sorry dirt i was wrong

    Andrews is MUCH dumber than you , please forgive for my hasty assessment

    just put all the homeless in parliament House and put the roof and heating to good use , for a change

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    Crossroads Hotel COVID-19 'patient zero' was a Melbourne man I SBS News

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    Your Body And Mind Aren't Enough - They Want Your Soul

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    COVID-19 Patient Management with Dr. Paul Marik (Author of MATH+ Protocol)

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