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    China is already testing in Pakistan and Canada ( and on selected military units )

    let's see how many corners the Australian vaccine will cut

    so far it is the wild west out there ( and that might be unkind to the US frontier history )

    no vaccines for SARS or MERS which are both related and they have had years and years to get a vaccine for those

    nearly 20 years and NO SARS vaccine .. 40 years and NO HIV vaccine .. roughly 10 years and NO MERS vaccine

    roughly one year and several Covid vaccines

    anyone love playing Russian Roulette

    i smell a huge rotting rodent

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    Just now watching "Contagion", made in 2011, ... so similar to COVID19, ... from bat and pig virus'

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    Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory content

    'debunked '


    several 'official sources ' change positions daily

    maybe Trump will start an anti-trust probe like is being considered on Face-Book

    seems like they dangerous amateurs are places like the WHO , CDC , FDA British Health etc etc

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    Changes in data gathering

    another one frustrated by the shenanigans

    but those looking at various sources were well aware the data was NOT accurate in many countries

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    Swedish Doctor: T-cell immunity and the truth about Covid-19 in Sweden

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    Oxford epidemiologists: suppression strategy is not viable

    SHSSH don't tell New Zealand and South Korea ( Singapore , Taiwan and Japan )

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    Prof Carl Heneghan: can we trust Covid-19 death numbers?

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    Exclusive Senior Oxford expert: virus may have laid dormant around us

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    Australia demonstrating a ‘model’ COVID-19 response


    create the problem ....

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    Moderna Sinks on AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Progress, JPMorgan Downgrade

    3 out of 45 ( 1 i in 15 ) on a small sample size and yet still BETTER than the rival

    First human trial of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shows promise

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    6 months is not enough time to develop and trial a covid vaccine, ongoing misinformation is more dangerous than the virus. .

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    W-E-L-L .... a conspiracist might suggest they have been planning this vaccine for over a year

    but even if that is true .. two tears is not enough either

    that ( version III ) stent in my heart has had the trial extended to FIVE years and a further extension of two years hinted at

    if this vaccine(s) cause harm there SHOULD be massive lawsuits , pharma , health dept.s .. sue them all because THEY cut all the corners rushing this out before the death-rate drops off

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    Big pharma alcohol and tobacco has already corrupted our governments and sent the world and Australia broke , the ghouls at big pharma want the right to microchip poison and track the population, taking peoples jobs homes bodily fluids and harvesting their organs live or dead is obviously not enough control for right wing lunatics . . . .

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    Long term immunity more likely


    still looks like a clown show to me

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    British scientists have made a breakthrough in the race to find a coronavirus vaccine, with the first round of human trials showing the shot is safe and induces the strong immune response needed to fend off infection.

    The results are highly significant because the University of Oxford vaccine, known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, is considered one of the leading candidates in the global race to bring the devastating pandemic to an end.

    Professor Adrian Hill, the director of the university's Jenner Institute, said "it's possible" some people could be given the vaccine as soon as December this year.

    But that assessment is based on an assumption that future testing phases produce good results and that regulatory approvals are swiftly granted. The first people to receive the vaccine in December would be those in at-risk categories.

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    Coronavirus Pandemic Update 98: At Home COVID-19 Testing - A Possible Breakthrough

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