Cradle to Grave Uranium Party

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    Over the next months we will probably see a great deal of turbulence in our senate.

    I wonder if this would be an opportune time to start a Cradle to Grave Uranium party?

    I think that as Australia has a fair percentage of the world's economically feasible uranium that we should take a more active role.

    There is a long list of reasons why it would be in Australia's interests to do it.

    If there is support for the idea I will provide (FOC) the website with the required functionality. Including: Forums, ModX content management system, SEO, Polls and social media analysis and engagement plus links from sites that are about Australian Uranium with top rankings in Google.

    Perhaps there are others here on Topstocks who know how to put a political party into practice. I don't but I'd back it all the way.

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    Cloncurry, where the uranium is.

    maybe the 'principality of Wilgar' would be a nice name. The new currency could be copper nuggets.

    only kidding sparty!

    theres a certain inevitability in Aus, regarding uranium, when it suits, I suspect.

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    I figure around 2016 it will the most talked about commodity on the planet, now I have said this since 2003, everyone then called me a nutter - but it is looking more likely now isn't it 'Mr Black-flight'!

    'All in favour say I', 'I', 'All opposed', 'Me'; 'It was him, get-him fellas' - what an episode that was (even a fanatical fib-man has seen an episode of the Simpsons here or there)


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