1. 7.2k

    Just got some nice Dali original lithos - hand signed & numbered in limited editions

    The strong AUD and panicked sellers in the USA means the time is right for picking up some bargains

    They're fairly rare here in Oz too, so they multi-bag immediately on arrival

    I bought these in my own name because I want to keep them, but others are in my SMSF and rented out (at 9-13% pa its a good little earner ... and adding the capital gains makes it a terrific investment)

  2. 2.6k

    Have I ever told you that I think art is in the eye of the beholder?

    Who would rent these Marcus?


  3. 7.2k

    mate, can you name the architect of the Sistine Chapel? Can you name the guy that painted the roof?

    Can you name the engineers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Do you know who Salvador Dali is?

    The point I'm hopefully making is: mankind remembers the artists ... even more than the scientists, engineers, in fact even more than any other profession!

    regarding rentals, from their website ...

    Art Rental

    What are the benefits of renting quality art work for your home or work space?

    + Immediate positive first and lasting impression

    + Appearance of success and accomplishment

    + Evidence of creativity and attention to detail

    + Image of prestige that places you above your competitors


  4. 5.6k

    No to all of the above lol

    Art is one of things i have always had small soft spot for also .

    Dali did some whacki stuff but it is cool :)

  5. 6.9k

    KOOOOL & very nice but can you show more of please?

  6. 2.6k

    Michaelangelo designed

    Michaelangelo painted (not exclusively just best known)



    Point taken, It's just that you picked two things that I just happen to know about.

    Regarding the renting out, I was just asking because at 9-13% pa Rent it would almost be cheaper to buy.

    And can you tell I'm an illiterate when it comes to Art.

    To me the top 3 painters of all time

    1 DiVinci

    2 Michaelangelo

    3 Rubens

    I see that Dali is right up there with Van Gogh, but to me I think the style looks like a child painted it. Especially VanGogh.

    Seeing that those paintings are worth many millions it is definately me that is WRONG!

    :P :P :P

  7. 2.6k
  8. 7.2k

    its tax deductible too, for the renter ... that makes it attractive for a corporate wall

    Michelangelo didnt design the Sistine Chapel BTW

    Sixpac ... this is another that I have ...

  9. 71.5k

    think i would go for Titian instead of Da Vinci but Dali not for me thanks i've seen a couple of Dali exhibitions and ended up in front of other artist's works.

  10. 2.6k

    Michelangelo didnt design the Sistine Chapel BTW


    I have been wrong for all these years... and never picked up on (prolly cause no-one else knows)

    :) :) :)

    Who did?


    EDIT Never Mind Google is my best mate!

    Baccio Pontelli

    Well I'll be a monkeys Uncle!


  11. 7.2k

    According to wikipedia, which is never wrong, the Sistine Chapel architects were Baccio Pontelli & Giovanni de Dolci


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  12. 7.2k

    engineers on Harbour Bridge:

    Best guess for Sydney Harbour Bridge Architects is Ralph Freeman, Thomas S. Tait, John Bradfield

    Mentioned on at least 4 websites including nsw.gov.au, sydneyarchitecture.com and pylonlookout.com.au

  13. 71.5k

    anyway hope they make you a bundle ,just don't rush an opening invite thanks (unless you are short of security -- i'll stand near them for money) :)

  14. 6.9k

    I like that one better. Full mad. More please.

    Mrs SIXPAC just asked me if you have the litho of the Melting Clock?? I said you wouldnt be able to get it nor afford it.

  15. 2.6k

    Yes I meant Bradfield - My Memory is a little flaky.

    Bradfield was the driver and the innovator the others were technical detail men - very important too.

  16. 7.2k

    the lithos are surprisingly affordable ... $1000-10000

    I just wasnt quick enough last week to get Metamorphosis of Narcissus (see link) - an original signed litho - it went for under $2000 (the original painting is priceless ... many many millions)

    I will probably sell this one (see pic) called "Homage to Lincoln"


  17. 7.2k

    BTW please don't go off into the auction sites and start bidding unless you know what you're doing ... there's traps for young players in the art game ... its all in the wording "signed in plate" is totally different to 'estate signing' is different to 'pencil signed' ... the difference is thousands of dollars

  18. 6.9k

    Far-out. Blows me away how people can come up with this sort of thing.

    Yeah not bad $

  19. 71.5k

    did that one get sold to Australia (the one you missed) ??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

  20. 1.8k

    true......apparently, they'd both sit and have their lunch of a nice pasta and stare at their work with huge grins.....Dolmio grins



    got a bad joke ? say em loud n proud dont just dilly Dali around with em.......

  21. 1.6k

    I looked at 93 & thought wow that's really something. Then I realised the captions where on the top.


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