Dandelions and Civilization: A Forgotten History

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    I only drink dandelion tea the downside of killing dandelions with toxic chemicals is that bees the world over increasingly rely on highly nutritious dandelion flowers for their survival and millions kill these plants with roundup, countless bees and other insects seek out dandelion flowers as a highly nutritious food source our so called academics are being force fed bullshit in our universities.

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    don't use weedkillers .. more of a slasher fan

    and avoid standing on the bees where possible .. and have 2 native bee hives which are on strike because of the cold here

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    Any plant that is nutritious and can cure disease threatens the profits of chemical and pharmaceutical monopolies , marijuana and dandelion are two of the most useful plants on the planet and the war against these plants benefits only pharmaceutical and chemical monopolies who outlawed these plants .

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    well until there is another MAJOR war , Bayer will struggle to grow profits , so will several others

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    The endless stupidity will continue why would Australians put a highly nutritious dandelion leaf on their sandwich that costs them nothing when they can destroy the environment kill insects and make themselves poor buying lettuce .

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    not just Australia , sadly

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