Dapto Markets on Sundays.

  1. 6.9k

    Time for bed because I must be at the markets by 4:00am to catch the best collectables.

  2. 71.7k

    show and tell after ?? good luck :)

  3. 6.9k

    Hey sal, thanks for the good luck gesture as I reckon I had some today aye. The good bits are a lot thinner on the ground these days and luck is what was needed.

    Quite a nice day out weather wise and always a bonus if the scrounging around the stalls in the dark turns up a couple of goodies. Poker work bowl was a surprise and a steal for a fiver. Hard to find in such good condition, design and colour like this piece so it made the early start worthwhile for me just with that piece alone. Six pieces of depression green glass with two pieces being uranium glass from the one lady. She tells me it was her mothers and was just old junky stuff Yeah I like the junky stuff the best especially when it glows :D and she also had the nice old 8 brass prop & I think early?? brass wise monkeys that look well rubbed.

    The boss always says not more green glass. Geeeeeez we have a bit of a collection of the green glass but most of it and the rest of the collectables currently sits in a container ready for the move north. Just need to sell the acre and were orf.

    Ill light the uranium up later under black light & post.

  4. 71.7k

    have similar glassware in non green (straight clear from memory) (fairly sure not much lead crystal either) however next time in that part heritage i'll keep and eye out for the greenery. nothing similar to the rest from memory. glad to see you had a good day .

  5. 6.9k

    Under black light.

  6. 6.9k

    I might end up a radioactive SIXPAC. :O

  7. 71.7k

    pretty !! bet your popular around Halloween !

  8. 71.7k

    don't do that! you'll have Japanese trying to sign you up for a lighting show ,i'll have to check if i still have ultraviolet capability in my box of sods. so lead crystal doesn't light up either??

  9. 6.9k

    Not that Ive ever seen.

  10. 6.9k

    Greens & yellow mostly. 19th-century pieces were made with up to 25% uranium. Scary. :shock


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  11. 71.7k

    neither have i, but i spent more time wandering instead of understanding the family "heirlooms" however all this has bought back one bad memory under the flood-prone house now a bus-way (eventually) was a selection of old books :shock :shock the pick (imo) were 3 old hardcovers gifted around 1840 to ancestor thought i had packed them carefully ---now mildew and mouldy :((

  12. 71.7k

    the Jadeite and mustard glass might be a glimmer of hope though.(memo look for ultraviolet kit)

  13. 6.9k

    Yeah very possible.

    I have a 3 in one i.e. White Led, LED UV Ultra Violet Black light & laser pointer but these are no longer available due to POLICE STATE mentality.

    Should be able to pick up something decent for under $20.


  14. 71.7k

    the ancestor worked in a bank ,post office.... loved souvenirs might already have something . :wink:

  15. 6.9k

    Must hit the sack, fully shagged. Up since 3 am. Helped a mate on a stall. Was basically an extra pair of eyes. Too much thieving going on. Last week a Sat-Nav went missing. Could be a sign of the times. Money a bit short maybe.

    Have a good one.

  16. 71.7k

    and a good one to you too !

  17. 6.9k

    Its that time again SIXPAC. Oh thanks bud, I was just starting to enjoy myself.

    How time flies when youre having fun.

    Thanks boys n girls.


  18. 71.7k

    happy hunting show and tell ?? :wink:

  19. 6.9k

    Sal, mate, I said, sal, I think you are doing nothing for me but bringing me really, really & I mean really good luck. Had a blinder today with a couple of nice finds along with a bit of the usual boys toys tool stuff that I wont bother you with. Another bit of uranium glass that Im suspecting HIGH U content with the way it lit up on some blokes stall @ 5:30 am. I will light it up later & post a pic.

    The best find was a little gift for Mrs SIXPAC (the little sweetie she already gifted me back with more to cum, so she says). I just need to clean this piece b4 I take a pic in macro. (Recharging batteries atm). Yes its one of those smaller finds but I think with a largish value. More info on that later.

  20. 71.7k

    excellent!!! met a guy going to Maitland next week reckons the trip from the Gold Coast reckons he'll sell enough to make it worth it :) :)

  21. 6.9k

    Money to be made for sure when people dump junk? to be someone elses treasure.

    The poker work fruit bowl from last Sunday was cleaned up a bit by Mrs SIXPAC. She used a bit of Mr Sheen and a soft cloth. It took her a few goes but was worth the effort as all the colours now stand out just as it would have when it was first made shortly after the 2nd World War. She be a good job the little lady.

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