Dapto Markets on Sundays.

  1. 6.9k

    Forgot to resize image. DOH!

    On the red but not an excuse.

  2. 71.7k

    nice , all this thinking stuff brought back some memories including a trio of 1927 Chevrolet headlight lens (glass covers of the lights -- 1 new!!)-- wonder where i stored them ??

  3. 6.9k

    Keep the Chevy headlight lens covers for a rainy day sal.

    Green uranium glass float bowl for a couple of dollars. The cracks look about this piece is what its supposed to be. Blinding in real life thats for sure.

  4. 71.7k

    leaving the price sticker on --sneaky --- sorry, i don't have much else left of the Chevy :( ,found amongst the "fancy "dinner plates , luckily i am taking care when sorting (almost got binned -- as glass turntable out of a microwave) :shock :oops:

  5. 6.9k

    Nice condition "FROG", no chips which is rare, (right) from a larger type float bowl. This piece sits into a larger bowl & into the frog sits a green glass fish or lady figure. I have the lady piece in the container packed and so all I need now is the bowl. These are worth a bit when complete. May never find a bowl though.

    Sort of thing I'm on about.


  6. 6.9k

    Although that was their price, not mine. I drive a hard haggle.

    Careful of bins sal! Bits tend not to come back when consumed by the compactor.

  7. 1.7k

    You dont have jewish blood like me do you SIXPAC? i thought i was the only tightass.

  8. 71.7k

    know that well, and helpers normally find them (bins )so compelling ,the joys of estates .

  9. 6.9k

    LOL, not Jewish but for sure tighter than a baby fishs bum EM. Mrs SIXPAC says I always embarrass her but I say the money haggled is much better in my pocket.

  10. 1.7k

    haha. . . No wonder you waiting on BIT.

    even i got in again @14.5. . . but i know patience.

    if you had gotten in like me at 10cents you would do the same.

  11. 71.7k

    i have some (theoretically )Scottish in me ,but two parents raised during the depression has some advantages --- apart from sorting the estates , (why buy when grateful people (normally grandchildren) give bits and pieces to get them out of the future reno. :wink:

  12. 6.9k

    I realise I may never see a 10 cent entry but still waiting for good news with next results & if they have the goods Im in EM. This will be huge for sure but they need to be able to guarantee they can knock the C beast dead.

  13. 6.9k

    Nothing wrong with the Scotts sal, stuff these humans I reckon. Seriously though, my mum is Welsh & my dad, God bless his soul, wash an Englishman & ever so proud to be one.

    He always said that when he gave blood they had to water it down 10:1 b4 giving it to the Aussies.

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  14. 6.9k

    The piece de resistance;

    The asking price for this ring was $4 dollars & I swear this on my boys life & I dont do that too lightly. Of course I haggled down to get it for $3 and the lady accepts.

    This ring was sitting amongst a heap of costume & junk jewellery but I know a good piece when I see one. I always carry a jewellers magnifying glass with me & this morning it paid off.

  15. 6.9k

    It still needs a bit more cleaning but its going to my jeweller mate tomorrow to have it cleaned & valued. This thing has 925/22.2ct gold band with a 375/9ct mount with good sized diamond middle and two smaller diamonds either side. Im thinking it may have more than three dollars value to it.

    Anyway Mrs SIXPAC didnt mind me haggling this time around.

  16. 71.7k

    seen the same thing happen to "the water of life". seems Aussies love to waste water . :lol: :lol: :lol:

  17. 71.7k

    silver or platinum setting do you think ,(they probably had it valued by the "vampires" ,normal trick is to focus on a showy piece give a price hoping snag the rest at a +10 % price . :wink:

  18. 6.9k

    I hadnt even considered Platinum setting sal, you might have something there.

    Google, Google???? Looking looking.

  19. 71.7k

    looks the wrong construction for white gold to me (have a legacy of jewelry -- along with plates,books, etc. etc.) so much learning needed ,so little time . :wink:

  20. 6.9k

    Marked with 925 and 375 only.

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