Dapto Markets on Sundays.

  1. 6.9k

    Could be 375 silver too but with it being 22.2ct band & nice large stones I doubt it. Jeweller mate is a Pt expert & one of the few that works with Pt. He actually has a nice square chunk of solid cut opal of mine & 40 grams of platinum rhodium metal that will be made into a nice chunky ring for me.

    I will wait for his verdict.

  2. 71.5k

    i would have translated that to sterling silver (92.5%) on 9CT gold PLEASE get second opinions ,if the main stone is a medium quality this doesn't make sense unless the band has sentimental value no inscriptions ?? (very worn) i would expect 14 -18 CT gold band for a 3 diamond setting

  3. 6.9k

    Definitely stamped 925--(22.2ct) and 375. Mid stone is largish with brilliant sparkle. Its the rocks that make me think, QUALITY.

  4. 6.9k

    Must hit the sack, fully shagged, again. Up since 4 am this time. Helped a mate on his stall again. Was again an extra pair of eyes. Too much thieving still going on. Today a battery charger went missing & goodness knows what else. Is a sign of the times. Money a bit short for sure.

    Good night all.

  5. 71.5k

    the amber speck in the lowest (assuming it is not a speck of crud on the back) is an "inclusion " which suggest a diamond (unless further testing otherwise ) quite a while back gem quality diamonds sold at $1K a carat (bigger ones get a bonus for.size/colour etc.), even if you discount for the inclusion (not automatic) you are in theory looking at $X K in the rocks , do you see what puzzles me ,even allowing for ungrateful /ignorant seller .??? ps happy dreams nite !

  6. 6.9k

    Jeweller mate is in Europe & then a week in China (sourcing supplies) but with a quick description & a pic I sent its 9ct band St. silver mount & probably Cubic Zirconia at best & probably less. I think you were getting pretty close to the mark sal.

    Oh well, Mrs SIXPAC now says I owe her one & now Im told I will have to make up for getting her so excited. The pressure is on. DOH!

    Im thinking now I did better than her for those few glorious minutes of pleasure as my reward.

  7. 71.5k

    if the small stone in the pic is not dirty on the back the small stones (at least) are likely non-synthetic , cotton-bud in Metho should test the the dirt/inclusion theory :wink: . please note diamonds (lower quality) is still a chance unless the ring is gold-plated (much less if plated)

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