dating anyone

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    I'm glad you enjoy dating. I have some helpful advice for you. you should register on a dating site and this will give you the opportunity to meet the girl of your dreams. don't worry it's popular in today's world and it's safe. I am sure that a large number of young girls will pleasantly surprise you

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    Fanks moltana
    Cheked out history on fone and found Gloria.
    Ring ring an chattid to her or was it him
    Sunded like guy
    He or she said met guy who sells stocks
    Said D said not to kiss an tell
    Finking is Dat low life dhkalos hooking up with my blowie Mrs from Allie way.
    Will chek out site an c if score chicky babe moltana

  3. 192

    Holey fucking smokes moltana
    Had looky an hot as hot as hot chicky babes
    Smoking weed
    Many as guys as chicky babes
    Said cud be fake accunts
    been lookin at all chicky babes fen surly cunt b all fake supur hot chicky babes

  4. 192

    Speeking off dhkalos
    Wear is the dawg
    Bet he hooking up wif Gloria
    She or he givs meen as meen as mean as blows in allieway
    Bet dhkalos luvin the blowies
    Probbly y not heering from him
    He cumming an cummin an Cummings in Gloria face

  5. 192

    Seems dhkalos laying low
    Dat dawg probly still hooking up wif Gloria
    Scoring my old x
    Still don't no if was a he or a she
    Dhkalos says nothing cuz better 2 stay silint than open mouth an remuv all doubt

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