Disgusting Labor Get what they deserve

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    Eden Monaro gone ( hopefully )useless disgusting labor when will they ever learn they have aligned themselves with the disgusting Greens and still cant win, just imagine if the absolutely unbelievable Bill imbecile Shorten won last year this country would be in a world of trouble , im watching sky news and that richard marles is a typical smart arse labor spin doctor thats why people dont vote for them when the country has got no money , when youve got no money you vote liberal when you got heaps of money you vote labor so they can pi$$ it up against a wall typical labor disgusting politics get away from the greens you pathetic bunch of idiots.


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    The LNP are in office and they are responsible for the trillion debt and counting, millions of Australians have just lost their jobs forever and that trillion dollar debt has not created one job in Australia ,any Australians who support and vote for the LNP voted to lose their jobs and their homes and these dickheads will get zero sympathy from me if they end up homeless and picking through garbage for a living , the next bad news the LNP will deliver is they cant afford to pay welfare healthcare education because the foreign bankers are charging interest that is milking every last Australian tax dollar , the LNP have destroyed our once prosperous economy and turned Australia into a banana republic.

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  3. 5.7k

    Labor are a million to one shot to win the next election .

  4. 70.6k

    a million to one ???

    after the procession of disappointments from the LNP

    unless you think a minor party would win

    even a garden gnome would look attractive next to the LNP


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  5. 5.7k

    Australians have proven ourselves to be the dumbest race on earth I reckon a landslide LNP victory is possible with an increased majority in the senate.

  6. 70.6k

    are we , or do we refuse to give them attention-time

    if the LNP were confident they would not be handing out $750 advance loans to the unemployed and pensioners

    those $1500 in loans will be recovered as taxes later , you can bet on that

    remember Albo is Albo , that true to himself MIGHT be enough , being a perennial Socialist might be a refreshing change to a closet Communist ( like Shorten , Mr Magoo , John Howard .. etc etc )

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