Do you have a list of your best movies?

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    Hi all. What are your favorite movies? Do you have a list of your best movies? I've already reviewed a lot of movies and I'm looking for something new and really good with reviews and detailed descriptions. I'm also looking at TV series. Does anyone have a list?

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    I think my favourite film is Skyfall, the last James Bond movie. It stars Daniel Craig again and Javier Bardem is this really evil baddie.

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    Hi. "Titanic" is a magnificent film directed by James Cameron, which has won many Oscars and other prestigious awards. And, admittedly, I don't know a single person who hasn't seen this picture or at least heard about it. In my opinion, Titanic is a masterpiece of modern cinema. There are many other great movies with descriptions in this list as wellpirate bay 100 top movies

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    Mavarick cool as cool as cool as cool

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    Titanik shit muvie

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    Topgum mavarick coolest ever as as cool as movie

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    Tommie crizie in mavarick cool as movie
    I wanna be pilot of plane
    Any tips from xperts on dis forum?

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    not me , i fly after crashing my cycle , very unusual to have a happy landing ( only destroyed 3 bikes and eight wheels so far and never got more than fifteen feet off the ground )

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    Holy flips salvation
    Wunder if dhkalos finking wanna be pilot

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