Do You Have the DNA of a Wartime Leader? - Robert Kiyosaki and Patrick Bet-David

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    Potential Wartime leader (real war) - Tsai of Taiwan gets my vote. She has the right stuff. More guts than all the Western leaders combined. That said there would be a lot going on behind the scenes in Japan. Those nukes are likely assembled - just need detonators. No shortage of Japanese pilots to deliver......

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    South Korea and Singapore seem to have negotiated the virus OK

    maybe a self-disciplined population helped

    but both leaders seemed to have made SOME correct decisions , in a timely manner

    am still trying to assess Abe .. maybe it was inaccurate reporting but i expected more from them

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    Actually I did too re Abe. Here is my hypothesis. Most Japanese (but not all - especially millenials being 'adventurous' or is it foolish) are by conscious and avoid health hazards. At any one time I'm guessing 10-20% in cities wear a mask - much less rurally. I think that gave some initial false confidence - the numbers were low for a while and staying low. Then started creeping up. Abe took his time declaring an emergency - while in the meantime numbers were spiking. It had to happen, the trains are packed, as are restaurants and izsakaya's. Not to mention housing.

    That said, cases and deaths are coming down in Japan.

    Singapore is more of worry. Their case rate is much worse than Japan. The death rate is similar....but rumour is a lot of expat workers deaths are not reported due to 'confusion' about the cause. That said, some old people are dying in Japan with pneumonia - and are some of them....Chinese virus victims?

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    Singapore would have tested and tested BUT the thermometer scan was always going to be ineffective and in hindsight some of those test kits have had pitiful accuracy

    maybe more fish in the diet helped Japan

    watch the new outbreak of the Chinese-Russian border that might have be more similar to the Japanese outcome , so doctors may have misdiagnosed

    it SEEMS there are two very different strains Wuhan was mainly the massive organ failure type whereas Russia has mostly the severe pneumonia type

    but the virus has been a complete clown-show in all but a handful of places .. look at the Brits for example closing the borders NOW ???

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