Draining the Swamp

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    Ah yes gvenso, what about the numerous assassination attempts on Trump rhat ypu were claiming as fact?
    Heard bugger all about that too.不不不不

  2. 4.8k

    Dear Frau Merkel,

    You are the most despicable and criminal Chancellor the German people have ever had to endure. You brought the German people terror, war, poverty and death by deliberately and illegally importing illegal migrants into the country, hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, terrorists and other die-hard criminals.

    According to article 16 of the constitution, not one of those who arrive through safe countries has the right of asylum in Germany. That is why all your guests are illegal criminals in Germany. The Schengen and Dublin agreements were also deliberately illegal. In the vow you have sworn, among other things, to keep harmful things away from the German people, but you do, every day, exactly the opposite.

    You have no mandate to deal with the needs of all citizens, but only for the good of the German people, this alone was your mandate. You are nothing but an employee of the German people, for the power belongs to the people, and not you.

    You consciously incited the entire nation against each other, split it and destroyed entire families. And you cap it all by insolently repeating the lie that we Germans are doing better than ever?

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    She sure has called that 110% correct.

  4. 70.6k

    how many years did it take to hear about all the failed attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro , sponsored by the CIA ??

    why would you expect a controlled press to laugh at CIA failures on Trump ( since they would be disappointed as well )

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    Ep. 1531 Epstein Didn't Kill Himself


    a faked death ???

    wouldn't that be a bizarre twist if proved in time ( it is remotely possible , unfortunately )

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  7. 70.6k

    Silicon Valley's Online Slave Market - full documentary - BBC News Arabic | BBC Africa Eye


  8. 4.8k

    A number of Jewish-led media networks are working together to hunt down the whistleblower who provided a damning tape featuring ABC News anchor Amy Robach admitting to a conspiracy covering up the Jeffrey Epstein VIP pedophile ring. The video, which currently has 2.3 million views on Youtube, has enraged the public and further discredited the US oligarch-controlled media.

    The pressure doesn't seem to be getting to ABC's Jewish president, James Goldston, whose company released an official statement claiming that the Epstein story did not have sufficient "corroborating evidence" and was not news worthy. The standards for running sex scandal stories are notoriously low at ABC, which has published a number of farfetched allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.

    The Zionist cabal involved in protecting Epstein - who has been exposed as having been working at the behest of Israeli intelligence since at least the 1980s - has been reduced to a paranoid dragnet intended to track the individual that released the ABC tape. CBS News' Jewish president Susan Zirinsky recently fired 25-year-old Amy Bianco after ABC executives speculated that she might be the leaker. Bianco denies all of the allegations.

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  9. 70.6k

    might be ( Israeli ) opponents the current ( Israeli ) leader .

    since Google/Youtube has done it's best to suppress the whole thing

  10. 4.8k

    Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Unsealed: Allegations Against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Others -- FBI Knew Had Evidence of the Crimes for Years.

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  11. 5.7k

    You forgot Trump Maxwell and Trump were close fiends the old hag Maxwell is an odds on certainty to meet with a tragic accident or die of natural causes .

  12. 70.6k

    Maxwell was an Israeli asset , that doesn't make Trump a pedophile , just very friendly to the Israeli Government ( and plenty before him have been that )
    so far we KNOW the British , Ukraine , Australia and Italy interfered with the 2016 election .. why not Israeli since the US was leaning pro-Muslim in the previous 8 years

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  14. 5.7k

    Maxwell and Epstein could be in Hollyweird or Trump tower conducting their business as usual ??? i dont believe half of what i see and none of what i hear .

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