Dyson to invest 1bn in battery technology

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    Dyson to invest 1bn in battery technology thanks to profit surge

    Julia Kollewe

    Monday 21 March 2016 16.00 AEDT

    Dyson, the British company famous for its bagless vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans, is planning to ramp up investment into new longer-lasting batteries after reporting a 20% rise in profits thanks to a tripling of revenues in China.

    Dyson said its growth in 2015 was driven by battery-powered purifiers, fans and vacuum cleaners, with Asia overtaking Europe to become its biggest market.

    Sales of battery-driven vacuum cleaners grew 66% in 2015 and the company now accounts for a quarter of this market around the world. Cordless models such as the V6 have become its top-selling vacuum cleaners, rather than the traditional corded upright versions.

    The company, which is owned by founder Sir James Dyson and his family, plans to invest 1bn in battery technology over the next five years. Last year it acquired a University of Michigan spin-off that has developed a new type of battery, which promises to store twice as much energy as todays liquid-based lithium batteries......see link for full article

    See this link for details of the solid state battery technology mentioned above....



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    now that is an innovator that could spark up battery tech no end

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