Early one today.

  1. 6.9k

    Yeah sal, early one today. Picked up a nice guitar in the dark for the boy. He has taken a liking to playing them at school so hope we see a superstar in the making so I can give the share scene away lol. Grabbed a bit more boys toys, odds & sods. Oh & a nice lil 9ct gold chain for $2. I like this gold finding at the markets and garage sales as you dont need a metal detector. I melt down all the damaged/broken stuff & cash it in when I have enough.

    Mrs SIXPAC tracked me down just after daylight and she already had a nice large T.G. Green mixing bowl that I missed along the way. She has a good eye for goodies too.

  2. 71.5k

    poor vendors ,now you are tag-teaming,CAREFUL with gold melting/smelting --- some shady characters add mercury (like they do in tooth fillings) in the gold !!! no fooling !!!

  3. 14.8k

    Mercury dissolves gold, don't know how you would add it to gold.

  4. 71.5k

    not to my understanding ,they are melted together to form a putty-like substance in tooth filling (i wonder if i can claim mercury poisoning as a disability ),i was also lead to believe the same technique was used by some jewelry production .

  5. 6.9k

    I almost melted down some platinum wire a few years back but something made me decide against having a go and when I spoke to my jeweller friend he said I was very lucky I hadnt as I may have ended up very sick or worse. He went on to tell me the wire I had was 87% Pt. & 13% Rhodium (Rh). Its the Rh thats the danger as it gives off lethal fumes and eats away body tissue, like lungs. Plus it takes almost 2,000 deg C to melt so I may have struggled anyway but I would have used oxy/acet which I think may have got it liquid. Apparently the smelters use special chambers with exhaust extraction to suck away the nasties.

    He hasnt mentioned the Mercury in gold but I will ask when he returns, thanks.

    Always ask B4 you try.

  6. 14.8k

    I had tour around a gold dredge in Russia, they was using Mercury to dissolve the gold.

  7. 71.5k

    i remember the wonderful joys of dentistry and how they (dental hospital) did inlays and crowns , (with the cheap seats you get to watch instead of gas) ,and have heard it is an easy way for shadies to do moldings ,sculpturing ,etc. .i don't believe this is NORMAL practice, but to some rules are there to be ........ !

  8. 71.5k

    bet you don't go there often ,now ! since it is !st of April any remember the term "as mad a hatter " they use mercury (or used to ) in some processes, specially the felt hats !

  9. 14.8k

    I worked many years in Russia, yes we have been back, will be going to St Petersburg later this year.

  10. 6.7k

    it was fairly common to use mercury in extracting gold in wa. last time i saw it was at nullagine

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