Effect of the Carbon Tax - real life example

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    For those of you who do not know, the Gatton District is located some 100k west of Brisbane, Nolan's Transport is one of the biggest employers in the area, and only last year was given the "Business of the Year" award.

    Nolan's Transport has been earmarked as one of Julia Gillard's 500. This Company has been going for 102 years, is still run by the family, operates 126 transports and employs 265 people. "There will be no Carbon Tax under any government I lead" Gillard has targeted this Company as one of her 500 "guests" to pay carbon tax.

    Last year, this Company was told it put out 144,700 tonnes of carbon gas. So, 144,700 tonnes x $23 = $3,328,100.00. Yes, that is correct - 3.3 million dollars!!!

    Where is Australia headed if companies like this one, (and there are several much bigger than Nolan's - LinFox comes to mind) are put out of business? Our Prime Minister said there would be no extra charges on transport or fuel. What do you call 3.3 million dollars on just one operator?

    Any transport company producing less than 25,000 tonnes of carbon tax pays nothing. If Nolan's goes broke or shuts down operations and another 126 replacement transports are put on the road by smaller Companies under the 25,000 tonne limit to take up the slack, then exactly the same amount of carbon gas will be produced, illustrating the futility of the whole exercise.

    Mr. Nolan said in an interview that if he put what the Company was worth into a bank account, he would make ten times as much in interest as he makes now, throwing 265 people out of work.

    This is just one scenario. What about the other 499 companies that will also be hit by this ridiculous tax?

    Additionally, do not forget the other smaller companies which will fail because they depend on these larger companies which are doomed to either fold or cut back on their work-force.

    IMO Julia Gillard's Labor Party and the Greens are going to take us all down with this Carbon Tax. We, as Australians, should protest and protest until we cannot protest any more! :evil:

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    Could have been you that previously said this (sic) " Trees absorb and live on carbon emmissions, No carbon tax,instead plant millions & millions of trees "

    Simple, isn't it?

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    I can smell the destruction of small busines everwhere and the rise and rise of the big corporates...and THAT...is exactly what Labor wants.

    Larger employers like TOL will pick up what's leftover from Nolans and the others.

    It is also of no coincidence that Labor wants a large chunk of super money to flow into industry super funds like MTAA..that is why default funds are normally union industry super funds. The big industry super funds then manage to buy large chunks of TOL shares and get voting power.....warning bells ringing yet? Labor does not like SMSFs or retail super funds and is in the process of making life very hard for people in that sector.

    I NO LIKEY :?

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    thats right TV they want the big companies becuase the unions have no strength in smaller companies all makes sence to me.

    as for TOLL deal a lot with them through work they are FKN usless.

    and yamba says this bloke will probably give it away and several smaller companies will share the load come under the 25000 tonnes each and pay no carbon tax.

    maybe if he splits his company in 6 little ones he can get around it that way not thet he should have to geez i hate LABOR & GREENS

    :evil: :evil:

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    Cattle...Labor would ensure that the small business transport operator is on his knees with higher fuel costs, higher insurance, more regulations and so on. They don't want multiple small operators. They just want a few BIG ones.

    I mean, look what happened during and post GFC (or should i say during and post Labor govt) ...our four major banks now own just about the entire mortgage book and funds management industry.

    They want a few NASTY FAT RICH PEOPLE and lots of little unionised worker bees. The self-employed must be eradicated.

    Now, that might sound like a RANT....but it is happening.

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    interesting that the company did not release the statement and rejects it ...


    Nolans Transport rejects carbon tax email

    20 March 2012

    Nolans Interstate Transport has rejected a widely circulated anonymous email claiming the Governments carbon tax would cost the company more than $3 million per year.

    The email did not originate from the company. Its source is unknown; the figures in it are factually incorrect

    Nolans Interstate Transport does not support the Governments carbon tax, and have said so publicly. We are very concerned about its impact on our company, but it wouldnt cost us anything like the $3 million per year claimed in the email, the companys compliance manager, Darren Nolan, said.

    Our concern is that we wont be able to pass the tax on to our customers when it is extended to the fuel used by the trucking industry on 1 July 2014. The tax would also ignore the enormous investment we have made to meet the new emissions standards that have come in since the 1990s.

    Mr Nolan rejected the suggestion in the email that patriotic Australians should oppose the carbon tax.

    There are many arguments against the carbon tax, but the people who support the tax love this country just as much as the people who oppose it, he said.

    Were sick of people using our business as a political pawn without checking the facts.


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    Thanks mjp, it's a worry when you can't believe what is sent to you - everybody has a vested interest! :evil:

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    More to the point, it only becomes a worry when you believe EVERYTHING thats sent to you.

    Although she & her irresponsible cronies need to go either way!

    Start bombarding your MPs with emails. Ive done a bit but it will take us all to have an impact.

    Apathy unfortunately is on their side.

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