everlight resources /was it a scam??

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    wow !!

    i never even glanced at this one until now ( and your posts )

    another bullet dodged with minimal effort

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    INVESTIGATION: Optometry acquisition proposal contains inaccurate claims

    February 7, 2019, 12:00 am 22

    Quantum Capital, a Brisbane-based private investment and corporate advisory firm, has recently approached optometry practices with acquisition proposals. The company’s aim is to form a group of optometry businesses, with the view of listing an aggregated entity on the ASX in the first half of 2020.However, Insight has uncovered inconsistent and inaccurate statents in the proposal pertaining to the experience of Quantum’s executives in other business groups.The revelations have prompted Mr Aaron Revelle, the CEO and founder of Quantum Capital who was once accused of bezzling US$7 million (AU$10.1 m), to dismiss the proposal’s error as a “typo”.Revelle claims the document has since been rectified, however would not provide proof of the correction.Questionable claimsQuantum Capital has ambitions to initially acquire between 25 and 30 optometry practices which would trade as Lentium Group on the ASX.The firm is offering to purchase practices it has identified as a “right fit” for a sum of up to four times annual earnings before interest and tax, or up to five times that figure for a group of stores. Revelle told Insight the venture has already attracted significant interest.The documentation claims Quantum’s team has a proven track record of establishing successful companies through the acquisition of cornerstone businesses. It also states that its principals “were instrumental in developing and listing National Veterinary Care Limited (ASX: NVL, 108% return since IPO) on the ASX in 2015”.{{quote-A:R-W:400-I:2-Q: The original [Quantum] letter was a tplate used at SEA which an individual for who English is a second language was responsible for printing and distribution -WHO:Aaron Revelle Quantum, CEO Quantum Capital}}NVL officially floated in August 2015 with an initial group of 35 Australian veterinary clinics. The proposal also advises that NVL is a “select venture from Quantum’s completed transaction portfolio”.However, Insight’s inquiries have revealed that Quantum played no part in the ASX listing of NVL. ASIC records show that Quantum Capital was registered on 28 June 2018, around three years after NVL began trading.Another Queensland-based investment firm, Strategic Equity Alliance (SEA), states that it was the company responsible for the NVL deal.Mr Glenn Gaudet, CEO and founder of SEA and a founding principal of NVL, told Insight that neither Revelle, nor anyone at Quantum, had involvent in the listing of NVL.“In fact, Aaron arrived after NVL was listed, he had nothing to do with it all,” he said.Gaudet said Revelle was ployed at SEA in 2015 for his mining experience. This was confirmed in a 2017 Business News Australia article, in which he further outlines the appointment of Revelle (known as Aaron Thomas at the time). However, Gaudet said Revelle left SEA last year due to a disagreent between the pair. When pressed about Revelle’s departure, Gaudet said he could not comment due to legal reasons.Presented with this information and asked to clarify whether he – or Quantum – had any involvent with the NVL deal, Revelle admitted the proposal contained incorrect information.

    He claimed the initial letter to optometrists contained “a typo”, which was later corrected, and proceeded to blame a staff mber for whom English is a second language.{{quote-A:R-W:400-I:3-Q:“In fact, Aaron arrived after NVL was listed, he had nothing to do with it all”-who:Glenn Gaudet, CEO Strategic Equity Alliance}}“Regarding the letter, you have obtained a copy which was sent out with a typo in it which was later rectified with ‘the principals held senior roles at the firms which were instrumental in developing and listing National Veterinary Care Limited (NVL) on the ASX in 2015’.”“The original [Quantum] letter was a tplate used at SEA which an individual for who English is a second language was responsible for printing and organising the distribution,” Revelle said.He also conceded that Gaudet’s explanation was accurate: “I did join SEA at the time NVL was listing, to which it is correct my exposure was limited … Over my tenure there [at SEA] I worked on various projects with the same fundamentals as NVL.”Revelle also pointed to another error in the proposal; this time in the mathatics used to determine the indicative price for a practice acquisition. “The letter has been rectified and was fortunately caught before it was widespread sent, to which we have also been very clear with speaking with people in the industry of our background and expertise.”Insight asked Revelle for a copy of the corrected documentation but he refused to provide it, claiming it was “confidential” – even though the proposals have been widely circulated in the profession.Instead he provided a company biography he claims is used in strategic documents, “some of which have been received by interested parties, which makes our experience very clear”.Multi-million dollar lawsuitFormerly known as Aaron Thomas until reportedly changing his name last year, Revelle has a controversial and well-documented past covering the entertainment and mining industries.A contestant on the 2009 season of MasterChef Australia, Revelle shot to prominence in 2014 as the 26-year-old CEO of Oakmont Resources, a British-based mining company he established after reportedly raising US$70 million (AU$101 m).In a widely reported case, Revelle faced litigation over accusations he bezzled US$7 million (AU$10.1 m) from the company to fund indulgent personal expenses including first-class travel, luxury watches, cars and jewellery.{{image4-a:r-w:300}}When queried about the international media exposure the case received, he referred to a 2014 New York Post article, which stated he “is back on top” after the lawsuit was discontinued. It was reported that it included a confidential settlent.Revelle also told Insight: “I maintain the position that the allegations were unfounded and baseless to which I have moved on in my career having carried out other financings and projects since to which were there any truth to the allegations.”‘Overwhelmingly positive’Regardless of his previous controversies, Revelle believes Quantum’s optometry group could seize upon a “highly fragmented” market. Post listing, the company would aim to continue acquiring businesses, and not seek to rebrand the portfolio under a single banner.“Optometrists should seriously consider the Quantum proposal as the group will be the first of its kind in a significant period of time,” he said.“The group will provide an attractive exit strategy for those optometrists who are looking to exit their business whilst also providing a unique opportunity for those looking to grow their career within a group framework.”Revelle said the industry response had been “overwhelmingly positive with high levels of interest”.“Right now we are looking at a variety of factors, inclusive of age of the business, its revenue and earnings, as well as its location and clientele matrix to ensure we have the right synergies within the initial group.“Whilst Specsavers and Luxottica/OPSM have dominant market share, there are clear and present opportunities to implent value chain synergies amongst a listed group.“A lot of practices have stated the need for a group like this in the market.” More reading:Former Masterchef season one contestant turned mining CEO Aaron Thomas ‘stole $7.6m to fund lavish lifestyle’, lawsuit says

    Masterchef contestant and entrepreneur has hit out at claims he used $6m in company funds on girlfriend & luxury lifestyle

    MasterChef star Aaron Thomas has claims he bezzled $7.6 million to fund a lavish lifestyle dropped in confidential settlent

    Ex-mining CEO has bezzling lawsuit tossed: sources

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    even gets better the then everlight ceo changed has now name changed from arron thomas to arron revelle ?? all were warned 2 years ago

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    MED is far worse, why no criticism from you about scams there?

    Hypocrite Cunt.

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    Aaron Revelle
    3rd degree connection3rd

    Senior Associate at C2 Capital

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    Investment firm facing claims of 'fraudulent' conduct
    David Marin-Guzman
    David Marin-Guzman
    Workplace correspondent
    May 23, 2019 — 12.00am


    A boutique investment firm that promises benchmarked returns to its clients has been accused of falsely implying that it has financial backing from private equity giant Blackstone Capital.

    Former head of institutional investments Jason Mistry has alleged in an unlawful dismissal case that C2 Capital Investor Channels relied on “fraudulent documents” suggesting it had access to millions of dollars in credit from Blackstone, HSBC and oil and gas giant Wintershall Holding.

    Mr Mistry says that he brought the documents to the attention of the head of the company but was told to keep the matter “secret” and not tell other directors. When he raised his concerns again he was fired.

    C2 Capital global managing partner Peter Terrill has been accused of trying to keep 'secret' concerns over credit documents.

    C2 Capital group is an alternative asset funds and investment management platform that boasts offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore, and is separate from the similarly named but Hong-Kong based C2 Capital Partners, linked to Jack Ma’s ecommerce giant Alibaba.

    Mr Mistry alleges he was concerned about C2 Capital’s agreement for a line of credit after noting the term sheet was “full of woolly language” and its reference to the website “Blackstone Fund Pty Ltd” implied it had been issued by Blackstone Capital.

    The Blackstone Fund site had no links to Blackstone Capital, no staff names or contact details and was “a badly written one-page website”, according to Mr Mistry’s statement of claim filed in the Federal Circuit Court.

    The founder of Blackstone Fund, Dr Andrea Leta, also lacked ties to Blackstone Capital “despite assurance from [Akiva] Kremnizer [director at C2 Capital south-east Asia] that Dr Leta was a senior partner there”.

    When Mr Mistry then raised concerns about C2 Capital’s funding, Mr Kremnizer allegedly provided him with a blank stand-by letter of credit from HSBC and an email from the bank’s chief risk officer Mark Moses.

    He also allegedly provided a letter from Wintershall Holding, one of Germany’s largest crude oil and natural gas producers, that certified its willingness to provide a letter of credit valued at $14 million.

    There will be ‘consequences’
    Finding the HSBC email “suspicious”, Mr Mistry says he confirmed with the bank that it was not legitimate.

    But when he told managing partner Peter Terrill to investigate and inform the other directors and the regulator, Mr Terrill allegedly replied that he wanted to “eyeball” Mr Kremnizer to ascertain the truth and warned Mr Mistry that if he told the other directors there would be “consequences”.

    Mr Mistry continued to raise his concerns over the next few months.

    On February 20, at 10.27am, he complained he felt “uncomfortable” about the other directors not knowing that Mr Kremnizer passed on “fraudulent documents” and that Mr Terrill had asked him to keep them “a secret”.

    Mr Terrill allegedly responded at 1.17pm that he was not convinced the credit documents were illegitimate and that, as sole director and shareholder, it was his decision whether to share information with “unrelated parties”.

    He allegedly told Mr Mistry the credit documents’ legitimacy was “not something he needed to concern himself with”.

    Half an hour later, the company dismissed Mr Mistry, telling him his position was redundant due to “significant challenges gaining and winning the support of institutional and family office support”.

    Mr Mistry alleges C2 Capital fired him for complaining about the credit documents and for repeatedly inquiring about unpaid superannuation and why his salary had not risen to $150,000 as per his contract.

    Mr Terrill said C2 Capital Investor Channels did not intend to respond to the claims ”because it is clear that there is going to be a factual dispute” and it did not want to “undermine” the court’s role.

    Mr Kremnizer said the claims were “riddled with lies” and “totally incorrect”.

    The case is currently in mediation with a defence to be filed by June 28.

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    what happen to CR3 IPO are they all linked?? dud ..no surprise DYOR

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    Wow, what a keyboard warrior. Ironically all of your information is either incorrect or wrong.
    Some of your earlier posts from 2016 on Everlight would make it appear you have a hard on for the Revelle guy. As a seed investor in Everlight who digs for answers in the depths of the internet, you didn't mention the one name actually responsible for the disaster even though it appears to be throughout most of your posts.

    It is widely known that Glenn Gaudet of Strategic Equity Alliance was the main issue behind Everlight, not Revelle even though you have a hard on for him.

    Revelle worked at SEA under Glenn Gaudet and was never the CEO of Everlight (see here: https://www.businessnewsaus.com.au/articles/asset--miner--digging-for-the-next-big-thing.html). SEA if you do a quick ASIC search is now under external administration after allegedly collapsing in spectacular fashion.

    ACN: 164 571 546
    ABN: 91 164 571 546(External Link)
    Registration date: 1/07/2013
    Next review date: 1/07/2020
    Status: External Administration

    The rumours floating around town on the Coast and Brisbane about Gaudet's ponzi scheme are mind blowing to say the least. It is rumoured that Gaudet managed to raise close to $50 million dollars for various projects including Everlight through brokerage firms such as Vested Equities on the coast. It all amounted to nothing however, with most of his associated entities under external administration such as this one:

    ACN: 613 204 756
    ABN: 37 613 204 756(External Link)
    Registration date: 23/06/2016
    Next review date: 23/06/2020
    Status: External Administration

    Strategic Equity Alliance were behind the Automotive Solutions Group (ASX:4WD)disaster, and the P2P Transport float, both of which bombed after listing and were nothing more but exercises in how to lose investors money. It was rumoured they had roll up projects in nearly every industry imaginable and raised millions upon millions of dollars in seed capital with no projects ever delivered. I heard Glenn Gaudet drives a nice Mercedes AMG 4WD though. Ask any broker about Strategic Equity Alliance and hear the mind blowing stories of wasteful spending. I'd love to see the creditors lists for their companies, I heard major accounting firms, law firms and others are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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    Was Everlight a scam? Maybe or maybe not. If they had of been successful, then we wouldn’t have called it a scam. Only as a shit load of people lost a shit load of money was it ever considered one. You stated in one of your posts from 2016 that the ASX blocked a prospectus. Unfortunately, and it saddens me to say this, they never actually lodged one making your post entirely incorrect. Let’s set some facts straight.

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    Firstly, Revelle was never the CEO.

    That was Humbero Caldelas, an ex FMC Lithium employee (who I believe the Everlight litigated against in New York after he ripped off some money). Refer to this link here: https://finfeed.com/opinion/question-and-answer/lithium-executive-explains-demand-exploding/

    What went wrong you ask? Every man and their dog around the coast and Brisbane know that Patersons out of Perth were set to IPO Everlight back in 2017 following completion of a maiden drilling program and a JORC resource being published. A signed mandate went around to the investors some years back. They had some credible figures on the board also. Not difficult to find who they were if you google chairman of Everlight Resources. However, everyone also knows that their mining property on the Salar Hombre Muerto was located in the border dispute area between Salta and Catamarca which is a 200-year-old dispute between the provinces. Everlight was granted environmental permits to drill, had rigs on site and there was a police standoff forcing them to remove the rigs several times and even one of the nightwatchmen from Everlight’s crew ended up spending the night in a Catamarca prison.

    After the border dispute fiasco the company never recovered. Investors became restless issuing court proceedings to have their notes paid, however Everlight didn’t get it on the market whilst it was hot. Everlight raised seed money before LPI listed. Had they of listed before LPI it would have been a different story.

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    Secondly you have brought up all this crap about Revelle (in true anonymous keyboard warrior style) yet lets look at the facts. The articles from the UK are over 5 years old and a repeat of the same case that again everyone is well aware of.

    The allegations against him would not have even made the news if not for him being on MasterChef and further seem very untrue given he was paid a settlement sum. You don’t litigate against an individual for fraud and then settle to only pay them more money. If I am going after some guy that has wronged me I am not giving him a single cent if he is guilty.

    Moreover none of the lawsuits mention the company Oakmont Resources and what Revelle actually achieved to have access to $7 million in the first. The rumours are the sum raised was close to $100 million.

    First go to https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/ and look for Oakmont Resources. You’ll know find it is called Brazil Iron, with several directors notably one Mr. Gordon Leonard Toll, the former chairman of Fortescue Metals Group from 2005-2007. The nefarious serial fraudster Guy Saxton of the First London Plc / Roger King fraud appears as well which doesn’t quite make sense. You will also see there are two charges on that company registered to Lorito Holdings (Guernsey) and Zebra Holdings and Investment Guernsey). A quick google search shows that “two companies controlled by a trust settled by the late Adolf H. Lundin” refer to this link here: https://ceo.ca/@marketwired/lorito-holdings-guernsey-ltd-and-zebra-holdings-and-investments-guernsey-ltd-acquire-subscription-receipts-of-lowell-copper-ltd-777ca

    The company charges secured against Oakmont's assets were created in 2013, nearly a full solid year before the lawsuits were brought against Revelle in 2014. It would also indicate majority of the money for the company was raised prior to his departure in 2014. Who is Adolf Lundin you ask? Only the legendary billionaire Swedish mining and oil and gas investor: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/mining-entrepreneur-adolf-lundin-dies/article1106368/

    Those on the coast and in Brissy are very aware that Revelle as CEO of Oakmont managed to raise the funds to acquire an ship iron ore from the mine in Brazil with Vitol group at a very young age. Have a look at the following article: https://www.mining journal.com/bulks/news/1338684/brazil-iron-drills-for-manganese-at-abaira-project

    With a bit of “DYOR” are you really going to throw some mud and hide behind clearly planted articles and frivolous lawsuit that a) a former chairman of Fortescue Metals and b) a billionaire oil & gas / mining family were unaware of a $6-7 million dollar fraud? Highly unlikely, infact I would go as far to say definitely unlikely.

    Yet look at this Saxton fellow on the Brazil Iron board and still serves as CEO: https://www.offshorealert.com/european-investment-grade-properties-plc-bonds-delisted-by-gibraltar-stock-exchange.aspx

    That Saxton fellow again appears in the comments section of this article: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2010/sep/10/russell-king-travel-ban-bahrain

    When a Stock Exchange delist an investment or company it is generally with good reason and as this announcement states: to protect investors.

    Use of these old articles is a smear tactic designed to splatter on Revelle. He was never tried criminally, never had a real civil hearing and was paid money after the allegations were retracted. The allegations are IMO worthless, it’s the equivalent of me litigating against you and you lodging a defence but then I retract them pay you money to settle and it goes away. Shocking and merit-less really. Look as if Revelle was done over by a fraudster to get control of his company.

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    The optometry article you’ve mentioned is well known to be a plant by Glenn Gaudet to try and sabotage Revelle to do his own fraud optometry project.

    A quick ASIC search and a small fee will show its Gaudet who is the sole director of Everlight Resources Pty Ltd after Revelle.

    An email from Adept Business Buyer did the rounds to optometrists back in July, having received a copy from the Coast community here is what is says:

    Subject: Offer To Acquire Your Business
    Importance: High

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Adept Business Buyer Pty Ltd has engaged with Strategic Equity Alliance Pty Ltd (SEA) to source and provide viable businesses who meet criteria, to form a group of Optometrists from around Australia with the aim of listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

    The team at SEA have a proven track record of establishing successful companies through the acquisition of cornerstone businesses. Good examples of this are Greencross Limited, a consolidation of veterinary practices which their key team members were instrumental in listing on the ASX in 2007 (ASX Code: GXL), and National Veterinary Care Ltd (ASX Code: NVL) which listed on the ASX in August 2015.

    SEA’s belief is that there is an enormous opportunity in the Optometry market. SEA’s vision is to ultimately deliver significant benefits by creating a Company that fosters and encourages excellent work practices, value for customers, rewards, opportunities and flexibility for you, your staff and the industry.

    As previously identified, SEA has experience in bringing businesses to market. Considering this, the owner of a good business will be offered up to 4 times EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Tax) for their Optometry business.

    Below is an example of how we would calculate the purchase price of the business:

    Turnover EBIT Offer Price
    $1,000,000 $200,000* $800,000

    *For the purposes of the above calculation we have assumed an EBIT of 20% of turnover.

    Please note, this offer does not include any land or buildings, for which a longer-term lease would be negotiated at market rates.

    Whether you are looking to continue working in the business either at your current location, seeking opportunities in the broader group, or facilitating your exit, we are interested in talking with you. To ensure the best outcome for you, your staff, your clients and to preserve the ongoing business, a tailored handover period will be negotiated to personally suit your circumstances.

    There is an introduction fee of 10% of the acquisition price to be paid to Adept Business Buyer Pty Ltd. However, this is added to the purchase price SEA has finalized with you and payable only on successful settlement.
    The only cost to you is any costs that your accountant and lawyer may charge you in the normal course of the sale of your business.

    I have attached a Credentials Pack for your information outlining who SEA is, what they have achieved and the process moving forward.

    If you are interested in talking with us or have some questions you would like to ask, please contact our office by phone: 07 5689 5528 or email: admin@adeptbusinessbuyer.com.au

    We look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Craig Elliot

    Adept Business Buyer

    +61 7 5689 5528
    Shop 64/2 Arbour Ave, Robina QLD 4226
    PO Box 5122, Robina, Qld 4226 Australia


    This email (including all attachments) may contain personal information and is intended solely for the named addressee. It may be confidential and may also be subject to legal or other professional privilege. If you have received it in error, please let us know by reply email, delete it from your system and destroy any copies.

    As you can clearly see, Adept Business Buyer is Glenn Gaudet and another of his frauds and schemes to con investors out of more money. He failed at every project under the sun and yet he paid a PR firm to plant an article to sabotage his competitor. The article is defamation and according to a legal mate it’s a 250k slam dunk if Revelle pursued it. Nice one Gaudy, instead of worrying about former staffers that left you, he probably should have spent the 25k that would have cost him on deliver a project and some returns to investors. Cheekily if you sell your business you have to pay him a 10% finders fee for a cold call. Nice one gaudy.

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    And lastly, Revelle works at C2, does that make him a criminal? The firm has an accusation against them which could go either way as its before the courts according to that article. However he is a Senior Associate, he is middle to lower management. Quick look at his LinkedIn profile shows that he joined after the article was written. So he’s a dodgy bloke because he is an employee writing research notes or building models? Again doesn’t make sense. He is not accused of misconduct at C2? so what does the article have to do with him? What it really seems like is that he has a shit taste in employers, and gets used by dodgy fraudsters to enrich themselves.

    I’ve heard the stories on this guy from people who have met him. Nice chap, apparently knows his stuff, but your theatrics are nothing more than crap.

    Oh it was a fraud I warned you about 2 years ago. Yeah no you didn’t. it was all unsubstantiated rumours and baseless allegations you've lobbed likely because your an old ADY investor.

    Everlight was caught in a border dispute in Argentina. I heard they nearly fixed it bringing in a new project to utilise the plant, but the investor group couldn’t afford to put in more cash, probably as they were over invested in Strategic Fraud Alliance.

    You mentioned CR3. Again everyone knows that Revelle exited that company over a year ago. The guys running it are fairly sharp and very well regarded. I heard they have Canaccord on the ticket to IPO it sometime next year when Lithium prices rebound. They drilled, found lithium apparently at good grades 450-700mg/Li even though some poster said they wouldn't criticising the project. So much shit on these boards from people who clearly know nothing and just spread baseless rumours all day.

    Looking at this post:

    sandune Sept 2016
    Google aaron thomas master chef he is behind everlight and his father was behind the ady disaster , i hear everlight funds are missing.. its trouble before it has started was suppose to ipo in may... asx stopped it ..really be carwful with everlight a lot of shady people in there

    I would say you are an ex-ADY investor. the ASX never received a prospectus for Everlight so your comment "ASX stopped it" is grade A key board warrior bullshit. Revelle was probably still in high school at the time that was going on back in 2006, 2007 yet you probably lost a motza! It was a legendary fall from grace for ADY, but again if you ever spend some time in Brissy ask some people what old man Thomas said to his son. If your father ever said that to you, you would probably change your name as well.

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    all tainted with a bad brush now and into the future..imo .. CR3 will struggle to ipo with current value ..imo .. was he a good cook? good luck

  18. 868

    was Arron a good cook?? at cooking or cooking books??? dyor

  19. 868

    LKE $$$$//// ever dark a scam?? imo

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